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With thousands of clients, our specialist investigators, aided by unique computer matching software are helping victims of romance fraud or infidelity. Simply register your partner or person you have met on our unique database now and find out the truth.


Who are Fidelity Check Online?


Founded by a retired British Detective Inspector,

Fidelity Check Online is a trading name of Holloway (Services) Ltd which was established in 2009 in London by ex Scotland Yard detectives working in the private sector. Since that time it has built up a sound investigative reputation working both in the UK and Internationally.

Although primarily engaged in financial fraud and relationship infidelity investigations Holloway (Services) Ltd has build a sound reputation in other areas including surveillance and retail theft. The CEO’s exemplary Scotland Yard background and experience and more recent investigative results in the private sector make both him and Holloway (Services) Ltd well respected throughout the security industry.

Holloway’s head office is based in Surrey in the UK and also has an office’s in Bangkok Thailand. The CEO possesses a reputation for excellent service within numerous areas of the security consultancy industry and is a member of the Association of British Investigators. Holloway (Services) Ltd are registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ico) of England and Wales.

In the 4 years since its beginning operation Holloway (Services) Ltd has serviced clients from all sectors including private, retail and corporate.

If you have any questions on the service we provide you can visit our FAQ page or please feel free to contact Fidelity Check Online  via our contact page.

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Our Mission Statement

• Dedication – we are committed to serving all our subscribers equally.

• High standards – we promote best practice and excellence to add value.

• Innovation – acting lawfully we undertake to push the boundaries, using a positive attitude to lead the industry forward.

• Integrity, Protecting client confidentiality and professional at all times – we operate ethically and discreetly to do the right thing.

• Belief – we are passionate about what we do.

• Protect people from financial and emotional harm and warn people about fraud and deceit wherever they live in the world.


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