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With thousands of clients, our specialist investigators, aided by unique computer matching software are helping victims of romance fraud or infidelity. Simply register your partner or person you have met on our unique database now and find out the truth.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q. How to cancel my membership
  • A. You can cancel your membership at anytime either by using the "Cancel Membership" option in the members area or simply contact us and request that your subscription is terminated, no further funds will be requested and all details held on our database will be deleted.
  • Q. How do you make sure that my data is secure and can’t be misused and will you keep my details and send me marketing e-mails?
  • A. We treat data security your privacy very seriously and you can be assured that every possible step is taken to keep it safe and confidential. When you summit your data it is encrypted (so it is unreadable) and stored on our secure server (SSL)  so that it is impossible for a person to comprehend and meaningless to any unauthorised person, nobody can understand the information without knowing our secret de-encryption code. Our search computer then analyses this encrypted data looking for possible matches or similarities. Every 24 hours the entire worldwide database is checked to alert us (and you) if the person you have registered and are in a relationship with, is also in a relationship with another member. When you leave the site, all the data you have submitted will be immediately deleted and unless you have signed up for our news letter or to be informed of new offers you will never be contacted again.Remember, people who commit financial and romance fraud often assume multiple identities, although they try to hide who they are, there is often a common theme that occurs in all the profiles or likenesses, for example a phone number or e-mail address that gives them away. It is this information that we use to alert you to deceit or duplicity.
  • Q. How many members do you have at any one time?
  • A. Our membership numbers are constantly changing, so it is impossible to give you an accurate up to the minute figure. Our members are from all over the world and can leave and join the site when they like and as many times as they like. To leave, members just have to log into the site and follow the 'Cancel Subscription' instructions, when membership is cancelled all of their data is immediately deleted from our database and cannot be used for matching purposes. Unless somebody has signed up for our news letter they will never be contacted by us again. They can, of course, re- join the site at any time, but to do so, it will be necessary to complete the registration process again. Some people select our One Month Plan to check out the person they have met or are in a relationship with, others select a longer membership option in order to monitor the situation for a longer period of time (recommended). As soon as a person has been registered the site gets to work analyzing and comparing the data you have supplied about them against the data supplied by other subscribers from all over the world. The matching algorithm runs every 24 hours, if there is a possible match the results are double checked by an experienced investigator before we send an alert to our client warning them and asking if they wish to be put in contact with the other member(s) concerned.
  • Q. Do you offer a Guarantee?
  • A. Yes we do, whilst we will make every effort possible to discover if your partner is a scammer or a cheater we can make no guarantees in this regard. We do however; offer a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee so if you are not satisfied with our service we will return your money, simply contact us and request a refund.
  • Q. What will show up on my credit card bill?
  • A. Charges will be shown as Holloway (Services) Ltd
  • Q. What happens if I don’t get a match?
  • A. Our matching computer is constantly searching the profiles for possible matches. If you don’t hear anything from us it means we have not found a match. We will keep members regularly updated and informed of the negative search results.
  • Q. My partner lives in another country, will your site still show me if she is cheating?
  • A. Our database is truly worldwide; whether you’re partner lives locally or thousands of miles away you can trust our database will work exactly the same. Because we do not know all the facts we cannot confirm your partner is cheating only that she/he has been put on the database by another member.
  • Q. Is all of mine and my partner’s details removed from your database after I leave the site and stop being a member?
  • A. Yes all the data is instantly removed when a member leaves the site, all our data must be relevant current and necessary for the purpose. Keeping details on the database for longer than we need to would be morally wrong and possibly breach data protection legislation.
  • Q. Will my partner ever find out their name is on the database?
  • A. For us to inform your partner their name is on the database would defeat the object of protecting you and uncovering fraud and deceit and unfaithfulness. Members are identified only by their password, email addresses are never passed onto others. When members initially make contact it is through our site. It is up to them if they exchange email addresses.
  • Q. Can my partner be identified by the information I supply?
  • A. The information you are asked to supply has been carefully selected so that there sufficient elements for our software to conduct comparison searches and is proportionate for the purpose of protecting you against fraud and physical danger.
  • Q. How safe is the data on your web site?
  • A. Our server is SSL certificated. To provide an even deeper layer of security, all of our data is hashed (encrypted), so that it can only be interpreted by our computer. Remember our computer software compares data and does not read it. If there is a possible match, everything will be manually checked by one of our consultants before a message is sent alerting the member.
  • Q. What happens if there is a match on the profile I submitted, how will I be informed?
  • A. If we detect a possible match we send each member a message stating that there is a possible match between the profile you submitted and that of another member. We will also tell you the areas (fields) we found them. We will send you and the other member each others password so that you can contact each other through the site to confirm or rule out the identification. register_now_button