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With thousands of clients, our specialist investigators, aided by unique computer matching software are helping victims of romance fraud or infidelity. Simply register your partner or person you have met on our unique database now and find out the truth.

How It Works

Fidelity-Check-Online is a secure comparison database that checks for possible matches with other live and current submitted partner profiles.

You are invited to complete a short profile giving details of your partner. The search criteria fields have been carefully selected so that the information will not put the person you are registering at any physical or financial risk. It will, however, allow our unique software to make possible links between profiles and alert our investigators to any likely matches to other profiles on the database.

The profiles are separated into search criteria or searchable fields, the more fields you are able to complete the more accurate our search results can be. As further information becomes available and as long as they remain a member, more detail can be added to a partners profile at any time. As the partners profile evolves, all subsequent comparisons will include any new data in the searches.

Once the profile is submitted all of the data held by us for comparison purposes is hashed (encrypted or coded). In the extremely unlikely event our secure systems are compromised any information obtained would be unreadable, unusable and meaningless to any prospective computer hacker.

Once a possible match has been found one of our team of investigators is alerted and a manual comparison is made of the possible match for further confirmation.

If, after a manual check, a match is still suspected, the affected members will immediately be alerted by our investigator through the site in a manner stipulated in the membership.

Affected members are invited to communicate with each other through our site to confirm or discount the possible match and to take any action (within the law) that they think fit. If members wish to exchange contact details and communicate further outside of the site it is a matter for the individuals concerned and they do so at their own risk.

We will never state or suggest that any person is or has been cheating, scamming, or acting in an illicit or improper way, our role is to match data and put possible victims of scams and fraud in contact with each other. It is for them to confirm the match and from the information they gain from the other member to draw their own conclusions.

It is important that the database is kept accurate, current and up to date. The profiles are only active and searchable for as long as the person who submitted the profile is a member. When a person cancels their membership or leaves the site any profile they have submitted is removed from the site, it can no longer be searched or compared against other profiles still on the database.

This is an anti- fraud database, the information we hold is only as much as is necessary to achieve its purpose of protecting members against emotional and financial fraud and deception. We will never pass on or share personal information of members or their partners (including email addresses) to a third party except as stated within our Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy.