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American Man Seeking Thai Women for Marriage

31st January, 2014

Recent research indicates a new wave of young and old US men are seeking to Marry Thai Women.

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Latest figures released by the US Citizenship and Immigration Service indicate that the Thai population currently living in the US may now be over 210,000. It is estimated that a 33% of these live in Los Angeles, which has become somewhat of a magnet for Thai immigrants into the US. The research shows that most of the new arrivals are Thai women who have married US men.

In the 1960’s and 70’s a wave of Thai immigration occurred that was driven by Thai wives who married US military personnel who they met while they were on R&R in Thailand. The latest research indicates an even bigger wave but this time driven by Thai dating sites and American men visiting or on Holiday in Thailand‘s more popular tourist destinations Pattaya, Phuket and Bangkok and meeting and falling in love with the Thai women whilst on vacation.

The Thai US population in has also increased in more recent years evidenced by an significant increase in Thai media programmes and websites and the election of the first Thai /American citizen to public office.

Although it is estimated that 66% of all Thai Americans live in California and predominantly in the Los Angeles area, there are sizable Thai American communities in San Francisco, Philadelphia, Chicago,  Fort Worth, Texas, Providence Rhode Island and Philadelphia. There is also a strong Thai American community in South Nevada.

As with other countries worldwide, there has also been a huge increase in interest in Thai culture, particularly driven by the spread of Thai restaurants and the growing popularity of Thai kick boxing as a way of self defense and fitness training among the younger population in the US.

A main part of the research was in South Nevada where it is now estimated there are up to 15,000 Thai people living and working. This area and also Las Vegas was the main centre of  immigration of Thai women who married US service personnel in the 1960’s and 1970s. 14,688 Thai women immigrated to the US from 1966 to 1977.

American men accounted for 22% of all of the foreign relationships with Thai woman. The age typical group of these men was 45-54 years, this contrasted with a younger age for continental Europeans. A large proportion (19%) of these US men was from Los Angeles or Nevada.

This research and ongoing studies into International Thai dating and personals on the internet have shown.

  • A growing number of US men are opting to retire to live in Thailand. Like most other nationalities studied, they tend to settle in Isaan and the North east of Thailand where the cost of living is cheaper and also where many of the Thai girlfriends they meet come from.
  • Although there is growing evidence that more dating site relationships between US men and Thai women result in immigration it should be noted that the US ranks only 4th as the most desired country to relocate to after Canada, Australia and Switzerland.

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