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Are you the Victim of Dating Fraud?

24th November, 2013

UK’s Action Fraud advice if you think you are the victim of dating fraud.

The follow tips are taken from the Action Fraud website and are to help you identify if your are potentially liable to be a victim or that you have been the victim of a Romance Scam or Dating Fraud.

Are you a victim of dating fraud?

  • You’ve developed a relationship with someone you’ve met online via emails, text messages and phone calls.
  • The new love of your life looks like a supermodel in the pictures they send you.
  • They ask you lots of questions about yourself but don’t tell you much about themselves.
  • They quickly start calling you by a pet name or use endearing terms such as ‘darling’.
  • They want to communicate with you through instant messaging and, texts, rather than through the dating website or chat room where you met.
  • They don’t answer basic questions about where they live and work.
  • They start asking you to send them money.

What happens after you make a report to Action Fraud?
Please don’t think your allegation will be given straight to a detective for investigation because the chances are it won’t. Your allegation is logged and screened, if they think there is a likelihood of catching somebody the investigation may only then be allocated to a detective for investigation.

I am afraid that Action Fraud are engaged in a bit of a ‘con’ themselves they give the impression of a huge amount of activity in investigating your allegation, however, in most cases all you will get is a letter from Action Fraud and the likelihood is you will never hear from anybody in relation to the matter ever again.

As is always the case prevention is best. Don’t allow yourself to be a victim of a dating site or Internet fraud (they are very similar except you meet the person who intends to steal from you in a chat room rather than on a dating site).

Remember if you have transferred/sent your money abroad the likelihood there is little anybody can do to get your money back and bring the culprit to justice.

The person who has stolen your money is not the person in the photos they have sent you. The likelihood is that they stole the identity from somebody else or just created a new one for themselves. They are probably sitting in a room somewhere in West Africa or the Ukraine sending out hundreds of Emails a day trying to cultivate and groom potential victims. They maybe working there way through a list of good candidates provided by other scammers. Their sole purpose is to make their victim love and trust them enough to send them money and/or private information they can use to defraud you or build an false identity to scam somebody else.

If you think you are being scammed STOP CONTACT IMMEDIATELY. If you think the person could be genuine and the relationship could have a future, register the person you have met with FidelityCheckOnline.com we specialise in comparing data and can tell you if the person you have met on the Online or on a dating site is in a relationship with another member. We can warn you and if you want we can put you in touch with the other member to verify the match.

Follow our basic tips to keep safe online


We have more information on our site on how to protect yourself Online and prevent becoming another victim of dating fraud. FidelityCheckOnline.com

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