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Australian Women Blackmailed in Romance Scams

28th September, 2013

Warning; Australian Woman are being Blackmailed in Internet Romance Scams

Australian Romance ScamsReports are reaching our investigators of Australian women being targeted by Internet Romance Scammers. The scammers (usually based in West Africa or Eastern Europe) create false or fake internet profiles with photographs taken from another part of the internet and personal details stolen from previous victims.

The fake profile is then posted on social medial and chat room sites to attract potential victims. Once they have met and won their confidence the scammer asks for them to send intimate photos of themselves or records private sensitive web cam footage without their knowledge.

They then use the photographs or video to blackmail their victim by threatening to send it to their work or family if they do not send them money. Of course, however much money is sent, the demands never end, they have fallen into the hands of greedy and violent organized criminals with no conscience or scruples.

jette jacobs

Jette Jacobs murdered in South Africa sent $thousands to her online lover

Julie Mahon, Operations Director and spokesperson for the Woman’s Division of FidelityCheckOnline.com

“More and more unsuspecting women are falling for what we call a blackmail romance scam, however much you like, or love the person you have met on the internet, however nice their voice sounds, however trustworthy they may appear to be, however much they tell you they love you, never, never send embarrassing or intimate photos of yourself to somebody you have met on the internet and remember web cams can be recorded at the touch of a button. Never send people you have met on the internet money, however good the reason they give for needing it”.

“Until you have actually met the person you have made contact with on the internet and over time built up an intimate relationship, do not disclose details of where you work or live. Trust is something people earn, not something you give away, especially over an internet connection”

Australian Romance Scams

Here are some quick guideline points to help prevent you being blackmailed and to keep you safe when you are in contact with somebody you have met on the internet;

1. Never send or post any intimate photographs or video of yourself or allow yourself to be video recorded in intimate positions or any photographs you would not want to be seen publicly.

2. Never say anything embarrassing about your family, friends or work colleagues that would make you vulnerable to blackmail.

3. When you forward or send emails to your new friend, do not include in your mail the email addresses or contact details of your family, friends or other contacts.

4. Do not reveal details of where you live or work.

5. Do create a separate email address to chat with somebody you have met on the internet.

6. It is very dangerous to travel to another country to meet your internet friend.

7. Never discuss or disclose any embarrassing personal details or medical issues.

8. Register the person you have met on the internet with FidelityCheckOnline.com.

Let us establish if the profile has been registered by another member as possibly one being used somewhere else on the internet to defraud or blackmail victims. It is discrete, completely confidential and they will not even know they are on the database. Complete the profile as much as possible but especially important for the matching software are the details they have given for their bank account and telephone number (last five numbers only), any email addresses or social media networking sites.

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