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Australians targeted in Internet Romance Fraud

26th September, 2013

Warning: Unsuspecting Australians are being targeted in Internet Romance Fraud’s!!

Internet fraudsters are targeting Australians in Internet Romance Scams. Fraudsters or scammers make up fake profiles from information and photographs they have found on the internet or obtained from previous victims. The scammers make contact through internet chat rooms, social networking sites or by sending out random or speculative emails to people, they then romance their victims into loving and trusting them.



These guys know how to scam the unsuspecting so beware!!

After spending some time getting to know them and understanding what is important to them they use the information to persuade their victim into sending them money or gifts, usually for airline tickets, medical expenses or some emergency or another.

Victims tell us “ they knew exactly what to say to get me to trust them, they knew precisely what buttons to push to make me do what they wanted”. Despite worried families trying to  talk sense into the people they love such is the hold and influence of the scammer their victims seem determined to send money or travel to meet the person they have been talking to on the internet.

More and more people are turning to us for help identifying romance internet scams, what people must realize is that the identical fake profile is probably being used to scam somebody else, maybe in the next town or city.

The Fidelity Check Online database can match the fake profiles submitted by other members and is being used more and more not only by people who want to check out the identity of the person they have met on the internet but also by their concerned families who use the information we supply to provide the proof they need to demonstrate and prove to their loved one that they are being lied to and scammed by an internet fraudster.

Recent horrific stories in the press have highlighted the problem of Internet Romance Scams and the story of Jette Jacobs only goes to spell out the dangers of internet romance fraud!

We didn’t want her to go, we tried to stop her. “Jette Jacobs” say friends and family!

jette jacobs

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