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Beware underage girl scams in Angeles City, Philippines

31st December, 2013

The Underage Sex Scam is becoming more of a problem in the Philippines and specifically Angeles City these days. Beware the Underage Girl scam is a significant con that can cost you a lot of money!

The Underage Girlfriend Scam:

For many obvious reasons western men caught up in Underage Girlfriend scams don’t want to discuss what happened to them, but it has come to our operatives notice that this scam  involving underage girls and the police appears to be a n escalating problem in Angeles City.  This scam is similar to a similar one being run by police and girls out of Cambodia. In the Philippine version, the western male victims have no idea that the girl in question is under the legal age. It can cost them as much as 500,000 pesos ($11,000 USD) to get out of this scam (sting operation).

This is how it works; note this scam is often run by the corrupt police officers in collusion with the girls.

The westerner meets a woman who is obviously of a legal age in the street and they arrange to go to his room. On the way to the hotel room, the woman suggests inviting her girlfriend to join the party as well. The man agrees thinking she will also be above the legal age, and when they reach his hotel room, the woman calls her girlfriend. A short while later the girl arrives and asks to take a shower and soon after that there’s a knock on the door, and it’s the police. Once they get inside they ask to check the IDs and the girl taking the shower is found to be under the legal age for sex (a minor)  The police say that the man can either be charged with having sex with a minor, or buy his way out of trouble by giving them 500,000 pesos. Almost always the guy pays up to avoid arrest and the humiliation of a court case.

This scam is only run on the streets, not in the bars, all men are advised it is safer to meet girls in bars rather than the streets. If you do pick up a street girl, be wary of letting her call unknown people as room guests. If you suspect at all that a girl could be underage, it is always best to ask for ID while still in a public place and defiantly while still outside your hotel room. If the woman you have chosen is under  the legal age, there’s a very good chance you’re in the process of being set up. Remember you stand to lose a lot of money….. always check ID’s and don’t let girls call unknown people to join you.

Also note, that you are in danger even if the girl only gets to outside your hotel room door, as she can lie and claim she was inside, it’s far better not to be put in that position at all by avoiding the situation in the first place. Also remember the girl you have met might not even tell you she has called a ‘friend’. After you arrive back in your room there might just be a knock on the door and when you answer it her friend is standing there asking to be let in and your friend might be encouraging you invite the girl into your room so she can talk to her or take a shower. YOU WILL BE JUST AS VULNERABLE

Underage Girl in room scam Philappines.

PHILIPPINES LAWS: 1. Has no sodomy laws, the age of sexual consent is 12 for all, but contacts with minors (under 18) are an offense, if the minor consents to the act for money, gain or any other remuneration or as the result of an influence of any adult person.

This is the legislation under-which the scam operates, as you can see, sex need not have taken place for an offence to be committed. The child (under18) need only be in the same room and for you not to be a blood relative completes the offence. It is an offence even if you are together in a secluded area or vehicle.

Section 6 of the above-mentioned Act defines an Attempt to Commit Child Prostitution under Section 5,
Paragraph (a), as
 The act when a person who, no relative of child, is found alone with the said child inside the
room or cubicle of a house, an inn hotel, motel, pension house, apartelle or other similar
establishments, vessel, vehicle or any other hidden or secluded area under circumstances which
would lead a reasonable person to believe that the child is about to be exploited in prostitution,
and other sexual abuse.

Remember this is a scam in which the girls and police actively take part together, the officers who scam you will not be the only ones making money, they, in turn, will be paying higher ranking police officers , all the way to the top. If you are caught in this scam you will not be able to talk your way out of it. The girls will be prepared to lie to make things look worse for you.

The only way to avoid this scam is to not put yourself in the position in the first place.