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Blackmail on Dating and Social Media sites.

23rd February, 2014

FidelityCheckOnline has been receiving reports of a new dating blackmail scam. People are encouraged to disclose intimate, personal information and photographs to people they have met online.

After exchanging the explicit photos and email messages and personal information the victims receive a message telling them that their information has been posted online and are available for everybody to see.

The victim is sent a link to a web site where all of their conversations, photographs, employment and family details were posted. Typically the scammer gives their victim the option to view and purchase the personal information for $9. The victims were also told they can have their names and photographs removed from the site for $99.

FidelityCheckOnline investigators can’t say at this stage the numbers of many people have fallen for the scam and we can’t assist with details on whether if victims pay the money the information is ever actually removed. Although it must be said that in our experience of investigating blackmail these people never give up and more requests for money will follow.

Information from the FBI says people involved in the dating usually operate overseas, typically Eastern Europe or West Africa.

The scammers usually create professional profiles with information stolen from other sites on the internet. They target women over 40 who are widowed, divorced, or disabled and we have noticed a targeting of people who are members of Christian dating sites.

But FidelityCheckOnline investigators warn that anybody is potentially at risk from Blackmail on Dating and Social Media sites if they do not take care with the private information they share.

Kim Tuffin of from the company warned “The best way to deal with blackmail scammers is by prevention, never send intimate information, personal details or photographs to somebody you have never actually met and have befriended you online, it is dangerous and you risk extortion or embarrassment”,

FidelityCheckOnline can give an early warning to its members of infidelity and fraud by somebody they have met on a dating or social media site, and help them prevent any potential blackmail situation, the website is discreet and confidential.

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