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Can Anything Become of an Online Romance?

4th December, 2013

Don’t fall in love over the Internet or (if you haven’t met them in real life it’s not real)

Remember relationships forged over the internet can and often do, create a  false sense of intimacy, the internet can give you the confidence to express desires, inner feelings and fears that you might shy away from sharing or expressing in a ” real life, physical and intimate relationship”. Cyberspace can provide a safety net or ‘buffer’ that lets you express yourself and at the same time offers protection, you can reveal as much about yourself as you chose and filter out what you might consider to be undesirable or negative.

Always remember that words typed on a computer screen can take a relationship only so far, they can never replace the richness of a face to face relationship. For a romance to be real you need to be able to look into the eyes of the person you care for, feel them, hold them and listen to them laugh.

You may have always had trouble expressing your feelings and emotions and the internet may appear to be the perfect solution, but it is a poor substitute for the real thing. Don’t let it [the internet] or somebody you have corresponded with on a flickering computer screen, who appears to be saying all the right things convince you, or seduce you, into thinking otherwise.

A computer is a tool you use to meet somebody,  if you like the sound them may be talk with them on the phone or Skype them and if you still like them arrange to meet them in person, in a safe place, if you still like them after that carry on seeing them and see where it goes.. …. simple.

If somebody you have only chatted to on the internet tells you that they love you after an unnaturally short amount of time be very suspicious of their motives and/or character, they could be after more than just your heart!.

If you have not met the person in real life it’s not real, not yet, don’t fall in love with a photo and words on a computer screen.

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