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Cheaters and Long Distance Relationships

13th September, 2013

Are you in a long distance relationship and how do you know if your partner is a cheater or not?

Long distance relationships are difficult; these types of relationships typically begin after a holiday abroad or meeting somebody on a dating site, who lives in another country.

Long Distance Relationships

For western men and women popular holiday choices might be (for women) the West Indies, Kenya, Gambia, Turkey, Senegal, Bali and Jordan. For men the preferred hotspots are Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Kenya and Japan.

So you think you have met the boy or girl of your dreams!

After the person returns home, contact is usually kept up via the internet, Skype or social media and the feelings intensify.  Over time the deep feelings lead to a need to support and help the girlfriend or boyfriend living aboard, who might be living in unfortunate circumstances or are in financial difficulty.

Long Distance Relationship Cheaters

Should you send your long distance lover money?

Money is sent to help pay for school, illness or everyday living expenses and plans might be made to marry, or buy property or a business together.  The overseas girlfriend or boyfriend will usually claim they are being faithful and in a monogamous relationship and they may possibly say the money being sent has meant they have changed their lifestyle, they say they love you and look forward to your next visit, in fact they are lying to you and cheating you out of your money by pretending they love you and there is nobody else in their life.

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