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Cheating Bangkok Bargirls

21st November, 2013

We Expose the world of the Cheating Bangkok Bargirls and How they exploit Western Male’s “farangs” taking them for every penny they can!

After FidelityCheckOnline’s spectacular success in Pattaya which is still ongoing, they are now turning the spotlight onto Bangkok’s cheating girlfriends.

cheating bangkok bargirls
Below is a short article illustrating, from first hand experience, how the cheating girlfriends of Bangkok manage to carry out their long distance cheating relationships without being discovered and how they persuade boyfriends to send them money.

Bangkok BargirlsIt is quite common place for a male farang (Foreign Caucasian tourist) who gets involved with a Thail bargirl try to try and have the bargirl stop working due to his jealousy. To compensate her for the money she is losing he offers to pay her money to support herself and her family which he sends from his home country every week or month.

Many of the girls get have lots of boyfriends at the same time to provide her support, they all think they are her only boyfriend and that she is staying faithful. Often the boyfriend buys her a cell phone so he can call her and chat with her (and check up on her) sometimes daily.

While in Bangkok (and other places in Thailand) it is common to see a bargirl have to jump off a customers lap when her cell phone light goes on and run out of the bar to somewhere quiet to talk to one of her sponsors where it is quiet and he cannot hear the music from the local nightlife or hotel so she can claim she no longer works in a bar and does not have to go with customers for sex to get money thanks to his sponsorship.

I was recently in a well known Bangkok hotel lobby having a quite drink there were a group of girls across the lobby talking with a Cheating Bangkok Girlsgerman farang tourist. I saw one of the girls receive such a call she jumped to her feet dashed to a quiet corner. She asked the caller where the 20000 baht she needed was, she said she had checked her bank and it was not there, she then told the caller she needed a big new house and a car to become his full time girlfriend and be available for him whenever he visited. After the call had finished she returned to her group and had a heated conversation with a girl friend about the best way to “groom” the distant and absent boyfriend and take him for as much money as possible.

Accounts such as this are well known and common place in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Thailand. Cheating girlfriends persuade absent boyfriends to send them money promising to stay away from other men and customers….. it is very, very, often not true, they will have several boyfriends all being deceived and all being conned out of their money.

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