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Cheating Filipino Girlfriends

17th September, 2015

Signs that your Filipino Girlfriend might be lying and cheating on you!

Every year thousands of men visit the Philippines and fall in love, but is the relationship the real thing, does she feel the same or is she a serial cheater and just after the money?

Its not easy to uncover a cheating girlfriend in the Philippines, especially from a distance, thankfully there are certain signs to look out for and experts who can help you.

Whilst it’s not fair to state that all Philippine girlfriends have become professional and practiced liars, and cheating on their boyfriends, it could be fair to say that some are certainly making the most of vulnerable and trusting men who find it very difficult to believe they are indeed capable of it and subsequently will find it extremely difficult to see beyond the facade.

Your innocent, sweet Filipino girlfriend with a nervous smile may not be the person you think she is.

If you have a long distance relationship and have reason to believe there may be some inconsistencies to your girlfriend’s behavior story, for example: where she was late at night or she’s suspiciously not answering her phone calls, or an abundance of any other small, niggling reasons, then you may be experiencing the tell-tale signs of a seasoned liar.

This problem is growing worldwide , not just in the Philippines and you may be just another man being deceived.

Many Philippine girlfriends (especially ex bar girls) have mastered the art of deception, so finding out the real truth about her may prove very difficult. You may not be the only one she is lying to – other guys may be involved too. You’ll have to dig a lot deeper if you really want to know the truth.

This is especially hard to do from long distance and why you may need the help of an expert.

When a man suspects his girlfriend is being unfaithful or cheating with another boyfriend, it’s difficult to say for sure that the she is guilty unless the evidence is irrefutable and crystal clear.

This is because over the years girls, especially some Filipino girls have learnt or been taught to perfect the tricks of their trade. So when it comes to hiding boyfriends and being unfaithful, they are experts, have all angles covered and all of the answers.

You may have convinced yourself that when you visit the Philippines, see her in person and look into her eyes that the truth will be revealed.

However, don’t forget that your girlfriend will have mastered being a liar and hiding the truth. Some of the girls have been doing this for a long time. They instinctively know the right thing to say to alleviate your fears and suspicions.

They may even enlist their family and friends to lie to you, just to back up their story.

As  private investigators that specialize in uncovering cheating girlfriends in the Philippines and the far east we know that there are key things to look out for, or or ‘cheating indicators’, you can use to protect yourself from these women.

Firstly, look out for a change in their behavior, has she changed her routine or the things she used to do, or doesn’t do things she regularly used to do, she might stop answering your telephone calls, or is more argumentative, maybe she’s asking for more money or can’t account for how money was spent that you have sent her.

Be warned a confrontation with your girlfriend will rarely reveal the truth. Experienced girls from the Philippines, who are just after money or support have much to lose, will never own up to their cheating.

If you are have suspicions of your Filipino girlfriend, and think she might be cheating or have secret boyfriends do any of the following scenarios make you sit up and think?

1. Does your girlfriend appear distracted and her attention not focused on you? You may have traveled thousands of miles and spent a lot of money to visit her in the Philippines and when you do, you expect to receive a reasonable amount of attention from her while you’re there.

2. When speaking to her does she seem distracted, distant or far away?

3. Is she vague about what she is doing and hard to pin down to meet up or answer your calls?

4. Does she appear to have more money than usual or have purchased quite a lot of new things lately. Has she been going on trips or holidays where she is not contactable or hard to get in contact with?

5. Is your Filipino girlfriend paying extra attention to how she looks or has acquired new jewellery? If she started to take extra pride in her clothing, makeup or underwear for no apparent reason, it could be that he is trying to impress another man.

All Filipino girls love gold and jewellery, new expensive jewellery could mean that she has another secret boyfriend who is buying her gifts or sending her money when you are not around.

6. Is she trying to try to lose weight or started going to the gym? When body shape starts to become part of her agenda and she becomes a friend of going to the gym without mentioning an interest before, it can be a sign that she may be trying to impress another guy who will arrive and jump into her bed as soon as you are out of the scene.

7. Is there a change to her pattern of behavior or attitude? If you are used to your girlfriend calling or telephoning at certain time and suddenly find that she has stopped calling or changes the times of her calls, it becomes suspicious. It could be a sign that there is another man on the scene or visiting her.

8. Is your Filipino girlfriend paranoid or appear to be secretive when using her phone? Does she keep it with her at all time? All girls from the Philippines consider their phone to be a precious commodity and lifeline to her family and friends. If your girlfriends phone is suddenly ‘off limits’, this could indicate that something is going on, as is being reprimanded by your girlfriend for checking or interfering with her phone.

Previously you would have been able to answer the phone if it rang and she was not in the room, but now the phone is now strictly off limits. There could also be phone calls coming in at unusual hours of the night that she refuses to answer. Strange phone calls at unusual hours indicate that somebody else (possibly another boyfriend) is showing possession, and announcing that he has the right to call her at any time of the day or night.

If you suspect your Filipino girlfriend is cheating and lying to you take action register with fidelity check online and let the specialist Philippine private investigators and our unique software check her out for you.


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