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Cheating on the School Run

6th November, 2016

Is your partner cheating on the school run?

You would think there would be nothing more innocent than the school run but a new survey indicates that there could be more going on than you think.

Is your partner flirting with other parents when they do the school run?

The survey, by VictoriaMilan, the online dating website for married cheaters, claims they might very well be doing just that. Their survey showed that 54% of fathers and 39% of mothers took advantage of the school run to flirt with other parents….. and we all know where flirting leads! That’s right affairs and cheating.

school run affairs

Strangely it also seems that parents are more likely to flirt in the mornings than the afternoons with 81% of women and 63% of men saying they prefer flirting in the morning than the afternoon (presumably when they are more rushed and the kids want to get home).

So watch out everybody, if your partner is uncharacteristically volunteering to do the school run or spending too long doing it there might be something going on.

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