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Cougar Vacation Hotspots – Female Sex Tourism

28th December, 2013

Cougar Prowl – Female Sex Tourism is on the Increase as Holidays Companies Target the Older Woman “Cougars” looking for Vacation Romance!

These days beach resorts in some developing countries such as, Negril in Jamaica, Kuta in Bali and Sosua Beach and Boca Chica in the Dominican Republic have become well known pick up destinations for women tourists from all over the world. Some tour companies even market holiday package deals as sex holidays for unaccompanied and single women.

These women, who age ranges from grandmothers to teenagers don’t want any long-term relationships. They have found that there is plenty of live flesh on sale on the beaches and bars.

For example, Jamaica, where 17% of the local population lives on or below the poverty line. Meeting woman on the beach is the main way that some local young men can feed and clothe themselves and their families. It is little wonder that by preference they choose the older women who pay them better than younger ones. In Negril Jamaica, the men can earn $100 (£60) for having sex with a female tourist and £90 for performing oral sex,. Others are hired as local guides to the island and throw in sexual services as a bonus, often just for food or somewhere to sleep for the night.

Our Top 10 Cougar Holiday Hotspots!

  • Boca Chica – Dominican Republic
  • Negril – Jamaca
  • Kuta – Bali
  • Los Cabos – Mexico
  • Sosua Beach – Dominican Republic
  • Marco Island – Florida USA
  • San Juan del Sur – Nicaragua
  • Lizard island – Queensland Australia
  • Barcelona – Spain
  • Whistler (Fairmont Chateau) – BC Canada

The accepted definition of a sex tourist is an adult person who travels to another country in to indulge in legal sexual relations with another consenting adult, sometimes involving the exchange of money or gifts. Our assumption is still that a sex tourist will be men – indeed many consider the relationship between beach boy and female tourist as just a bit of harmless fun. The woman gets guilt free sex but at the same time keeping a firm hold on the money. Where’s the harm?

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