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Could my Thai girlfriend have another boyfriend sending her money

11th September, 2013

Is your Thai girlfriend getting money from somebody else too!


Could my Thai girlfriend have another boyfriend sending her money. This is a question many of my investigators are asked by potential clients. The answer is that there is a good chance that she does have, but it does depend on the circumstances. Does, or did, your girlfriend work in a bar or sex industry and for how long, does she really love you and would not risk losing you if you found out.


Cheating Thai Girlfriend


Its not uncommon for Thai girls to have more than one sponsor!

Our experience is that receiving money and support from multiple boyfriends is much more common than people might think. Many of the girls we have investigated have two or more boyfriends sending them money. Of course, the boyfriends involved do not know about the others and believe they are the only one, each of them send what they can afford but is typically $400-$600 per month.

Thai bar girls are renowned for tricking guys into sending them money!

The girls are experts at keeping the boyfriends ‘in the dark’ about the others and have developed well tried and tested techniques to keep the deception going, the money coming in and avoiding discovery.

Best and funniest stories from a girlfriend trying to get as much money as possible from her boyfriend living abroad and sending her money.

This is a real message from a Thai girlfriend requesting money from her boyfriend!

“Honey please can you send me money, while riding on my farm my brother have accident and hit his motorbike into family water buffalo, need much money for new water buffalo, new motorbike and hospital for brother  who have broken leg and body!”

Fidelity Check Online’s advice is to be careful you are not being taken for a fool, many of the girls we have investigated, not just in Thailand but all over the world, hold their absent kind hearted boyfriends in utter contempt; they think them fools and stupid for being so naive.

If you suspect your Thai girlfriend is receiving money from or seeing another guy then simply join and register her details with Fidelity Check Online and let us help keep a watchful eye on whats shes up to!