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The Dangers of Dating Sites and False Profiles

23rd September, 2013

Dating Sites False Profiles, Stalkers, Violence and Threatening Behaviour.

First some facts;

  • 1 in 5 people meet on dating sites
  • 9 million people use dating sites
  • Dating sites generate revenue of £170 million pounds

The bad news is that scammers who create fake profiles are on the rise and are becoming a real problem.

It is now estimated that 2 people in 5 have encountered a fake profile and some of the fake profiles belong to stalkers or unstable men and women.

Fake Dating Site ProfilesA bad encounter often leaves the victim feeling vulnerable and constantly looking over their shoulder. Although they try and break contact with the stalkers they still suffer harassment, unwanted calls and unsolicited requests for meetings and dates.

Let’s face it, amongst the good profiles there are some very odd people out there, they are attracted to the anonymity of dating sites and the opportunities the sites bring to hide from the potential partners certain unattractive parts of their personalities and past. They can lie, cheat or hide detail about their status and circumstances and easily obscure details things such as criminal convictions or court orders. In a recent case highlighted by Sky News when a female victim made an allegation of harassment against a man she had met on a dating site to police it was revealed that he had numerous convictions (including harassment) and court orders against him.

Warning: Don’t believe everything you read on a Dating site!

Everybody understands that sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince or princess, that is all very well and good, but on the journey you can find yourself involved with, or coming into contact with, some very strange, and perhaps dangerous characters, characters that ordinarily you would have nothing to do with and who can have a huge negative impact on you and your family’s life, so be careful.

The discovery of the truth, that the person you have met, is a liar and possibly a stalker only comes after you have been in contact for a while but by then  they have already elicited enough personal information  from you to pester you or mount a campaign of harassment if they wish.

We are finding that more and more people are using our database to check if the person they are in a relationship with are seeing anybody else but also it to register pests and stalkers to warn other potential victims.

Dangers of Dating Sites

A couple of Safety Tips when using Dating Sites!

Safety Tip: When you set up your dating site profile create a new and unique email address different than your personal or professional address and use that. If you wish also you can buy a cheap, pay as you go, phone and use that to make initial contact..

Safety Tip: Always join a site that has signed up to the industry recommended code of practise an ‘Alert’ or ‘Report Abuse’ button and have clear guidelines on what to do if you are the victim of abuse.

How to Protect yourself from Fake Profiles

In our FidelityCheckOnline harassment investigations we have uncovered that many fake profiles have a consistent theme running through them, scammers tend to use tried and tested phrases or details that the author believes will attract interest and encourage possible contact.

The mistake that scammers and people who create fake profiles make is that they are not sophisticated or intelligent enough to follow through on the deception. They often keep certain background details such as the same; mobile/cell phone number, emails address and will sometimes give the same place date of birth.

It is from this information that FidelityCheckOnline.com makes the matches we need to keep people safe and reveal the scammers true identity and nature.