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Dangers of Dating Younger Women

9th December, 2013

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Has my parent met a cheating Gold digger on the internet?

“My father has met somebody on a dating site and wants to marry her, I don’t think she is genuine and is a Gold Digger, I think she is surfing the dating sites looking for rich older guys from the West to marry and take advantage of. What are the signs I should be looking out for?”

People have to be careful about who you they are meeting on dating sites, it is easy for somebody to create a false or fake profile on a dating or social media site and to disguise their true intentions,character or identity, there is no easy way of knowing a persons history or the way they behaved in previous relationships.

Before you, or your father, realises it she may have romanced him into falling in love with her and by then as far as your father is concerned she won’t be able to do anything wrong, love is blind … as they say.

If your father has a very kind and compassionate nature he will be especially vulnerable to gold diggers and you and he should be taking extra special care who he gets involved with.

The investigators at FidelityCheckOnline have come across many instances where older men (and women) have met and fallen in love with people they have met on the internet, often these people are from another country, young and attractive and in search of a better life. Everything seems fine at first and then once they are married the relationship quickly starts to become strained leading to a nasty and bitter divorce. We have seen homes and life savings lost and inheritances disappear because of a momentary lack of judgement by some body who should really have known better.

Our advice is to be on the lookout for signs that the new girlfriend is honest and her feelings are genuine, not that your fathers money is more important to her than her feelings for him. Often signs of insincerity on her part will be difficult to disguise and it is easy for you or your father to lay traps that will show her true intentions.

If your father is helping to support his new girlfriend he must make sure that he does not get drawn into the type of situation where his financial help is expected by her to support a certain standard of living and life style. If she is a genuine person she should be supporting herself with gainful honest employment not unemployed and depending on your father for money or support.

FidelityCheckOnline can check if the person you have met on the internet or dating site is a relationship another member, we can even put you in touch. It is discreet and confidential.

Watch this blog for more signs of a Gold Digger and how they reveal themselves.