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Dating Site Back Ground Checks

31st July, 2016

Private Investigators Specializing in Dating Site Cheaters suggest doing an Online Dating Background Search on the person you have met on a dating site?

There are thousands, perhaps millions of people, who have enjoyed the success of online dating and social media, literally, thousands of couples that would have never met before are now enjoying the benefits of meeting on the Internet and internet dating sites.

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Without a doubt, online dating and social media has expanded the social circles of millions of people. The internet has made it possible to connect people from all over the world with common interests, opinions and even religious or political beliefs with the click of a few buttons on a computer keypad.

Though the vast majority of the people dating online are genuine and with good well intention a growing number are not, some see the internet not as a way to meet new people and develop friendships and relationships, but as a vehicle to deceive, manipulate and cheat people.

A simple discreet background check is fast becoming an essential tool that can be used to verify the identity of people encountered on the internet before a meeting in person is arranged or getting romantically involved.

Such a check can save a person time, disappointment, or even worse.

For people of all ages who are part of the online internet dating scene, it’s important for them to keep in mind that there are risks that come along with the benefits. Unfortunately there are people who trawl online dating services and social networking sites to meet, manipulate and take advantage of others.

Increasing numbers of people have met and formed relationships with people through the internet only to discover that their new partner was lying about their identity, their relationship status, or using the person they have met to get them to send money never intending to pay it back.

Are Dating Sites Safe

That’s why it’s becoming increasingly important to discover as much as possible about potential friends and dates before committing to anything.

The best online dating and cheater checker sites now offer advice to help people avoid the dangers or being hurt emotionally, physically or financially.

There is more information on our blogs to help, but the most important rules at an early stage of any relationship or if you have never met in person are;

  • Always meet in public places for the first few date’s, let somebody know where and who you are meeting and what dating site you met them on.
  • If you move onto another venue from where you first meet contact a friend and let them know where you are going.
  • Never post photographs of your children.
  • At first avoid disclosing personal details, especially financial or work or home addresses to somebody you have only just met on a dating site.
  • Consider buying a temporary mobile telephone and setting up a second email account for dating site purposes.
  • Never send or disclose information or photographs that might compromise or embarrass you or leave you open to blackmail.

Think about Background Checks to help try and make sure someone you met on a dating site is genuine.

Many problems with untruthful online daters, scam artists, romance fraudsters and fake ‘catfish’ posters can be avoided by undertaking another recommendation from online dating sites.

The best sites recommend their clients have a background check completed on any potential dates before the relationship gets serious and sometimes even before they meet the person for the first time.

The best dating sites are now advising discerning daters to ensure they have a background check carried out by a professional investigator.

This enables daters to find out if a potential date or somebody they like and want to see more of has been truthful and honest about themselves in their dating site profile and in conversation.

A discreet background check by qualified experts can , in most cases be completed without a person knowing and can reveal important information for example whether someone is lying about their status or wealth, are already married. Maybe they have been declared bankrupt or have had some other significant financial problems.

A background check can verify the person is really who they claim to be, sometimes people discover the truth but by then it was too late, the damage has been done, feelings have developed and intensified and it is difficult to let go.

These kinds of catastrophes are devastating and disappointing, but they can be avoided with a simple dating background check at the appropriate time. While employing a professional for background checks will incur a fee, they could end up saving money, upset and heartache in the future by finding out if your online sweetheart is being truthful about themselves.


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