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Dating Sites used by Stalkers and Violent men

26th November, 2013

Reports of female victims of male stalkers and violent men they met on online dating sites are increasing at a worrying rate!

According to Anti-Stalking group “Paladin” a well respected organisation who represent men and women who have been victims of stalking and violence.

They make the very good point when they claim that men and women are not well enough protected by dating sites from stalkers and harassment. When you meet a person in a social setting you can make your own mind up about them and use your own judgement as to their mental stability, maybe you are introduced by a friend who can go some way to vouching for them.

This isn’t the case with dating sites, it is all too easy for somebody who might potentially be unstable to create a false or fake profile that looks attractive to a potential partner. By the time you have discovered the truth and you realise the person you have made contact with and met Online is not who they appear to be it might be too late.

They already know where you live, work and socialise. Dating sites are limited as to what protection they can give and offer their member. People can change their details with each profile they create just enough to evade detection by the site software, they can post multiple profiles to attract attention and increase their chances of finding somebody who is interested in them.

Most people on dating sites are just normal people looking for a meaningful relationship, it it just that the sites are open to abuse. Some people are dating three ,four, five people at the same time, some are after sex and others money, some are just pathological liars.

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