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Do I Risk Catching a Decease from a Cheating Partner

2nd August, 2017

What “STD” also known as a “STI” sexually transmitted infection could I catch from a cheater?


Unfaithful partners do not only break hearts their infidelity can also potentially put a partners health and life at risk too!

Whilst they are off having affairs an unsuspecting partner will often be left waiting for them to return  home having usually been told the usual im  “working late” or “caught in traffic” line in order to buy a partner time to meet up and have fun and sex with someone else, all common excuses and often signs of infidelity!

They will often come home and immediately go straight to the shower in an attempt to wash off the evidence of that illicit meeting also another tell tail sign and sorry to say it but often required to clean off the afters of the sex they have just had with a lover.

What could your partner potentially have exposed you too by having sex with someone else?

  • HIV aids
  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • Herpes

These are some of the most common sexually transmitted infections husbands or wives who cheat can pass on to an unsuspecting partner

STI’s  or STD’s as they are also known particularly gonorrhea are on this increase the latest strains are worryingly and currently resistant to treatment!

Can you catch an STI from a kiss?

Simply showering after sex with an infected person will not wash the problem away!

  • More than 1 million STD Infections are acquired every day in the world according to the WHO
  • 1 in 10 heterosexual men and 3 quarters of women and gay men are thought to be infected with an STI that has no recognizable symptoms
  • STI’s are typically spread by having unprotected vaginal, anal or oral sex, but what protection is there when giving or receiving the later
  • You could be kissing your kids with an orally contracted STD infection without even knowing you have one!
  • A resent survey found that 2 thirds of people in the US aged between 15 and 24 years have had oral sex

Want more proof of the health dangers you could face from a cheating partner?

You can read more on the spread of STI’s particularly new strains of gonorrhea in a July 2017 report from the World Health Organization “WHO” that highlighted the issue of antibiotic resistant gonorrhea this was also reported in a BBC article concerning the spread of the unstoppable bacteria largely purported as being spread by having had oral sex.

The fact is if you are in a relationship with a partner who is cheating the chance of them catching an STD infection and then passing it on to you is increasing!

What should you do if you suspect a partner of infidelity?

Infidelity can often be hard to accept many will simply bury there heads in the sand in an attempt to hide the fact that its really happening to them, but that’s not the answer especially if that partner is putting your health and well being at risk and that of your children too.

You need to take action to find out the truth without delay before its to late!

Additionally a recent survey on the lack of precautions cheating partners take when having sex with others is also extremely concerning 

  • Less than 50% use a condom when having sex with a lover!
  • Most that use sex toys do so without a cover or bother to sterilize them before or after use!

The health dangers of being involved with a partner who is cheating and sleeping around with others goes far beyond just your own mental health and well being particularly if you’re a women STD infections can make you infertile and if pregnant could effect the well being of any child you are carrying.

Our unique software and experienced private detectives do really want to help you catch a cheater, we will monitor a suspected unfaithful partner and check if they are cheating with others on our worldwide database.

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Cheating Partners

Disclaimer: We do not claim to be experts in STD’s sexually transmitted infections that can be passed on by unfaithful partners the links provided are intended for reference only.  Whilst we do not want to scare monger we do strongly suggest that you take specialist advise if you have any concerns about  issues raised in this article especially those related to your health if you suspect any signs of infidelity.

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