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Do Long Distance Relationships Work

31st July, 2018

Do you have a girlfriend in the Far East; for example: Thailand, Malaysia or the Philippines? Are you in a long-distance relationship with somebody you met while travelling, or on vacation?

Well, my question to you is, have you ever wondered if they are genuine?

Long Distance Relationship

Do you believe that  their feelings towards you are real, or are you like others who simply put are unsure?  

Let’s Face it, some people are for real but others don’t tell the truth, or are just plain scammers, after things like money or a passport

Few people in long distance relationships will escape the inevitable worries, fears and insecurities caused by be being separated by distance or time. 

Often, these relationships can develop quickly. Although these feelings can be genuine,  it should be recognized that it is in the interests of so called scammers to ensure that emotional attachment to you is  cemented at an early stage, so they win your trust and the ultimate goal of access to your wallet.

Scammers often declare their love very quickly; this enables them to move onto the next stage of their scam without delay. They will assess the feelings and commitment returned by you and if this is not forthcoming and feelings of love reciprocated, they will move speedily onto another victim, leaving you behind to wonder what happened. 

Many people invest heavily in the relationship by providing financial and emotional support, their whole future and future happiness can depend on the word and truthfulness of one person. This trust and belief is sometimes misplaced. 

Concerns about a partner faithfulness or intentions can cause endless, sleepless nights, so you need all of the reassurance you can get.

Long Distance Girlfiend

A bad relationship can not only end in tears it could leave you an emotional wreck, embarrassed and financially much worse off, some even in deep debt. 

At a time of deep, emotional involvement, you instincts and reasoning can desert you – our advice is to take a step back and look at the situation logically and dispassionately. Always seek the advice of family and friends and listen to what they say…. Don’t dismiss their concerns or fears out of hand.

Before you get too emotionally or financially involved in a long distance relationship, or make any big decisions, it is well worth making some discreet enquiries about the person you have met. 

Here are some alternatives.

Employ a local private detective to secretly check out your partner (could be costly and some are indiscreet).

Quiz your partner’s family, friends or work colleagues about your partner’s past, present and intentions.

Carry out your own investigations or the internet or locally.

Register your partner with a top cheater checker site such as FidelityCheckOnline.com

Long Distance Relationship Cheaters


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