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Do Thai Bargirls make good Girlfriends!

29th September, 2013

How to Spot if your Bargirl girlfriend has been in the business for a long time.

As I have said before, the likelihood of a successful relationship with a Thai bar girl depends a lot on how long she has been in the business, how long she has worked in the bar, how many boyfriends she has had.

The longer they work in the bar more hardened and cynical they become and the harder it is for them to leave the lifestyle and make a westerner a good girlfriend of wife. They have grown used to cheating and lying has become second nature to them.

The Thai people are brought up with a very strong moral code, the girls know that many of the things they are required of them working in a bar is not right and to begin with find themselves morally conflicted.

As time goes by and as they mix with other working girls, the lines get blurred and certain behaviour that they know to be wrong gradually becomes more acceptable.

“You can take the girl out of the bar, but you can’t take the bar out of the girl”.

This is not their fault, just a fact of life; imagine the amount of men they have met over the years, a lot of them drunks, a lot of them promising the earth, to take them away from the bar for a life of luxury in a far off country, in a big house and everything they could want. Only for the promises to be broken, time and time again, promises not kept dreams not fulfilled.

Be careful who you fall in love with, it is always going to be difficult to have a good relationship with a bar girl, even more difficult if she is from a different culture and country with maybe a different moral code and standards of right and wrong. You stand a much better chance of success if she is new to the scene, doesn’t like the life and wants to get out.

Girls who have worked in the business for a long lime the signs;

• She will speak good English.

• She will wear a lot of gold and wear different gold jewellery on different nights (presents from previous boyfriends).

• She may have tattoo’s (they seem to like them and wear them as a badge of honour).

• She will have a good mobile/cell phone that receives emails (so she can keep in touch with her other boyfriend’s around the world).

Will a Thai Bargirl dump her other boyfriends?

When you start getting serious about your bargirl girlfriend do not think she will break contact with previous boyfriends because she won’t. She undoubtedly still be in contact; they will still email, text and talk to each other from time to time. However serious your intentions are, she will have heard it all before and will not completely trust you, these other guys are her insurance, whenever they are in the country the will make contact and meet up; she will not let them go easily.

If you are serious about your girlfriend you will have to find out who they are and make sure she breaks all contact with them. If not, they will always be hovering in the background offering the temptation of a good time and easy quick cash.

They may even be a current boyfriend who falls into the same category as you; they could be deadly serious about their relationship with your girlfriend and want to marry her. It just so happens that at that particular time they are not around.

If you are still considering or maybe even serious about getting into a relationship with a Thai Bargirl you should register her with Fidelity Check Online. That way you can help monitor her other activities online and keep an eye on her real intentions!

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