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European Cougar Hotspots

31st January, 2014

The most Popular Happy Hunting Ground for Cougars in Europe this year will be Spain, followed closely by Greece, Cyprus, Egypt and the Canary Islands.

Cougar life the dating site for women released a poll today said that 19% of their subscribers said their prowling preference will be Barcelona Spain and many are hoping to get some fun and games with a handsome and fit tennis or golf coach.

A huge 70% of the woman polled said they are hoping to meet a younger ‘cub’ to satisfy their sexual needs.

British men, rest easy. This summer, cougars are going on tour and they’re mostly heading for then Mediterranean.

A poll of female members of CougarLife.com, the dating site for women of a certain age looking for younger men, shows that British cougars can’t get enough of Spain. And it seems that Barcelona is their favourite hunting ground. With 19% cent of the votes, the sunny and busy Mediterranean coastal Spanish city topped the list.

These women are at their sexual peek and 53% said they hoped to ‘hook’ up with hotel or entertainment staff.

It looks like the lucky men of the Mediterranean and Canary Islands are in for quite a summer, rumors are circulating that the local young men are ‘resting up’ ready for the summers onslaught of beautiful and sexy UK cougars looking for fun.

FidelityCheckOnline gave one word of warning to UK Cougars “ Be careful ladies, don’t get caught in a romance scam and end up being one of many women sending some young Spanish or foreign waiter you met on holiday money when you get home, if you meet somebody and are serious about them, check them out before you make any big decisions”.


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