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Female Sex Tourists

27th May, 2014

Female Sex Tourists vacationing in popular destinations like Jamaica, Gambia, Peru and Venezuela is it just sex or romance or a big scam?

It’s that time of year again, summer has arrived, your holiday is imminent and you are looking forward to letting your hair down and relaxing. Many of you will be travelling abroad to that sublime retreat; however, have any of you single ladies given any thought to your destination, or to the locals you are about to meet?

We have all heard about, or read about stories of unsuspecting women tourists or holiday makers meeting a local guy on holiday, who (after just a few days or weeks) professes true love for them.

Well the reality is that this happens to thousands of women, from all walks of life. Many women are taken in by these guys, who are actually creating pseudo relationships (fake relationships) with tourists, usually for either financial gain or to obtain a much valued passport.

There are a variety of names for these lothario’s depending on your destination (Sankie/Sanky Panky- Dominican Republic, Bumsters-Gambia, Rastitutes/Beach Boys- Caribbean, Bricheros-Peru, Puta-Tour- Venezuela), just to name a few.

It’s easy to feel flattered and want to investigate this newly fledged relationship further- some even daring to believe there is a great future ahead with their new love. It’s very easy to plunge into ‘in love mode’, as your new man is caring, loving and attentive. The reality is that they have selected you as a potential victim, preying on you for your naivety and what you can give them.

There generic name for these women is sex tourist or romance tourist. They will keep in touch with you on your return home, then, at some point in the near future approach you for money, marriage or both.

This is no new concept though. In 2001 UK based academics Jacqueline Sanchez Taylor and Julia O’Connell Davidson researched the topic, interviewing 240 women on the beaches in Negril, Jamaica and similar resort in the Dominican Republic. The results may be surprising to some. One third of the women interviewed admitted to a sexual relationship with local men. Out of those, 60% admitted that there was an “economic element” to the relationship, but did not see themselves as a sex tourist. Over half considered their relationship to be about “romance”.

So when you are travelling abroad on your next holiday, whether you are looking for a holiday romance, or not, be careful. There is nothing wrong with a holiday romance, if you want one: just know what you are getting into and be on your guard. Don’t allow yourself to be a victim of this type of emotional and financial fraud, be smart, do your homework and don’t be gullible when travelling abroad.

Finally, if you fall victim to this type of fraud, there is help out there. There is a world of advice on the internet that the thousands of women in long distance relationships and in this situation can get, including websites that can check your partner’s details against other women who have been a victim, or are the victim, of the same person.Julie Mahon head of Woman’s Matters FidelityCheckOnline.com

Kim Tuffin from FidelityCheckOnline.com warned all women who are thinking of taking an exotic overseas holiday this year to watch out!, “ Sankie/Sanky Pankys, Bumsters, Rastitutes/Beach Boys, Bricheros, Puta-Tours or just plain holiday romances, women going abroad this year please take care and be aware of the dangers. That good looking guy you meet at the hotel or on the beach,saying all the right things, might be after more than your heart, he might be after your money or a passport.

A very high percentage of these types of relationships end badly with broken hearts and money, confidence and time wasted. We have more and more women joining our site wanting to find out whether the man they have met while travelling abroad and are now in a long distance relationship with really loves them and are serious about their relationship. Or, is unfaithful and playing the field with girlfriends all over the world and just after money”.

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If both of the clients wish the site can even put them both in touch with each other to exchange experiences and confirm the match.

FidelityCheckOnline.com is run by professional detectives who safeguard their clients privacy jealously, the site is strictly confidential and nobody will ever find out they have been registered.