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How can I check if my Thai girlfriend is seeing somebody else?

8th November, 2013

The question of whether someones Thai girlfriend is being faithful or not is one we are often faced with!

FidelityCheckOnline experts response;

A good question, with modern technology there are a many ways to check but they are all quite expensive and you will probably need a private investigator for most of them. Some that spring to mind are surveillance (physical) and electronic eaves dropping on mobile phones and bugging rooms. As I said surveillance and private investigators can be expensive and bugging phones is illegal in Thailand.

If you live in another country and she is still in Thailand it gets even more complicated as you are so far apart and it is difficult to keep tracks on her. While conducting our investigations we have also found that family and friends also go to great lengths to cover for cheating girlfriends.

They do this sometimes out of loyalty and sometimes because they profit financially from the situation.

This is especially the case if the boyfriend is sending money to his girlfriend as the money cascades to those around her. Some boyfriends are even taken to meet family and friends at the girlfriend’s home village. Everybody greets him like a movie star and makes a fuss of him as if he is the first farang boyfriend she has brought home.

In reality he is just one of a string of boyfriends who she has taken to the village and everybody is in a conspiracy of  silence.

Unfortunately we have found there is a big problem with Thai girls having lots of boyfriends, none of whom know about each other. It has almost become commonplace to be unfaithful and have multiple boyfriends, all the men are in complete ignorance of the other guys, all sending money to support their girlfriends who, in reality, have plenty of money and numerous other boyfriends.

It is dishonest and in today’s climate of AIDS and other communicable diseases can be physically dangerous.

At FidelityCheckOnline we already have a proven track record of infidelity investigations and we understand the complex issues and feelings involved. We have created a unique database to tackle the problems of long distance cheaters. Simply put the site software checks to see if the boyfriend or girlfriend registered is in a relationship with another member. If there is a possible match we inform the people who have registered them and if they want we put them in touch.


Checking for Cheaters

The site works and we have found that more and more men and women are finding it an attractive alternative to expensive private investigators. The site can be used to quickly check if a Thai girlfriend is seeing another member or can be used to monitor the girlfriend’s behaviour and check whether she is being faithful or not over a longer period of time. The site is very discreet and nobody will know they have been registered.