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How Safe are you on a Dating Site?

19th March, 2014

Is Dating on the Internet Safe and How can you Help Protect yourself from online Predators?

This is old news but extremely reliant. According to the latest statistics 10% of people who join dating sites in the USA are registered sex offenders. This is a frightening statistic and one that the dating site owners are happy to keep to themselves.

Mary Kay Beckman 50 is currently suing Match. Com in the USA for ten million dollars after being stabbed and attacked by a man she met on the internet Beckman (Las Vegas) met Wade Ridley in September 2010 but broke off with him after only 8 days.

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About 4 months later in January 2011 Wade Ridley allegedly entered the garage that was attached to her home and hide there until she came home. When she arrived home he allegedly attacked hr and stabbed her 10 times, he stabbed he so ferocious his knife broke, when it did he stamped on her had. He left Beckman for dead and left.

When police arrested him he just said that he was angry about the break up and wanted Beckman to die.

When interviewed by police Ridley confessed to killing Anne Simenson from Arizona who was another woman he met on Match.com. Before he could stand trial he killed himself in jail.

Beckman’s case is that Match.com did not warn her of the risks of dating Online and she does not believe online dating is safe for men or women.

Her lawyer said that, “The basis of the lawsuit is the advertising that is utilized by match.com, lulling women and men into a false sense of security.”

With such a large percentage of people in the USA on dating sites estimated as being registered sex offenders, this means statistically that every tenth date could be with a sex offender, this puts not only the person they have met on the site at risk but also their families and children.

Paedophiles use the sites to meet children and sex attackers use the sites to meet possible victims.

Regardless of the merits of the above case, everybody should be extremely wary of people they meet on dating sites. Every year people go missing and men and women murdered because members of dating sites have not taken precautions to protect themselves and their families from sexual predators and violent individuals.

They could be romance scammers or just not who they say they are, latest reports say that 1 in every 10 dating site profiles are fake and the FBI say more than 50 million dollars is stolen every year in romance scams.

Registering the person you have met with an internet company like FidelityCheckOnline.com is one precaution you can take to make your internet dating experience safer. With clients all over the world the site can tell you if you have been contacted by somebody already registered to another member.

A match with another member might indicate the person is being untruthful, posting multiple profiles or somebody has registered them to warn other people. The site is populated by like minded people who are taking responsibility for their own protection.

FidelityCheckOnline is discreet and strictly confidential, nobody will ever know they have been registered and the site is operated and run by experienced ex detectives from the UK’s famous Scotland Yard.

We are currently petitioning the UK Government to introduce tougher measures to help combat Sex Offenders and restrict their access to online dating sites, if you live in the UK please help us and sign our petition.

If we can convince one major western government to take action then we can put pressure on others to follow and get Sex Offenders banned from all dating sites!

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