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How to Avoid Filipino Dating Site Scams

31st December, 2013

Filipino Dating Site are unfortunately just as Pron to Scams and Fake Profiles as any others are in the World!

Filipino can women make great wives. If you’re looking for an Asian wife then the Philippines is a good place to start looking. Filipinos are mostly Catholic, as a result they treat marriage much more seriously than many woman from Thailand or China. In Thailand or China divorce is very routine so women don’t always take as much time choosing a marriage partner as they would in the Philippines.

Unfortunately fake profiles, dating or (romance scams) are very common on Filipino dating sites. The standard of living in the Philippines are very low compared to the West, and much, much lower than a lot of neighbouring countries. As a result scamming Western men on dating sites is a big and lucrative booming industry.

The best way to avoid fake profiles and dating/romance scams is to use a good quality dating site, or preferably one that manually reviews the submitted profiles. Although there are a lot free Filipino dating sites, these sites tend to be used by scammers. Using free to join dating sites is not , as a result recommended.

Pay for websites are a much safer alternative as they can provide better technological safeguards against scammers as well as being able to employ the staff to review the profiles and respond to scam alerts. Some other sites tell members to upload evidence of their identification before they are allowed to join.

Unfortunately no dating site is scam free – any site that allows women members to sign up for free is always going to attract fake profiles and scammers, and they can sign up and register faster than the dating site staff can review and deactivate their profiles.

As a general rule it’s  best to avoid newly signed up members, as they are the most likely to be scammers and have submitted a false profile. However the scammers have learnt this know this so sometimes they sign up and register a new account then keep it dormant for several months before they start scamming people who contact them.

Scammers profiles have a tendency to be the younger best looking girls, so be wary of pretty women under 30 years of age.

Most scams are operated by people in Russia and West Africa. Look for sites that show what country the other person is using a computer in, although new technology can now fake this information on behalf of the more sophisticated scammers.

Remember that most scams involve obtaining your personal details or money, never send money to Filipino girls. Also remember that the cost of living is very low in the Philippines. $5 might not sound very much to somebody from Europe or the USA it is over a day’s wage for many Filipino’s. Many of the scammers and cheats work by asking for relatively small amounts of money from a large number of victims they have met on the internet. many of the false profiles are created by the same person, many have similarities running through them that make them identifiable, for example they might all use the same bank account or have the same date of birth or phone number,

As a result of bad opportunities and a  poor economy conditions approximately 10% of Filipinos seek work overseas. Many Filipino’s get jobs as hospital workers, nurses, care assistants or nursing home staff in Western countries. Although these jobs are quite poorly paid by Western standards, they’re very good jobs and well paid by Filipino standards. If you are looking for a Filipino wife or girlfriend, as so many Filipino’s are now working overseas, it might be might be better and safer to find a Filipino wife or girlfriend in your own country. The chances of getting cheated and scammed is much less, and you don’t have to travel all the way to the Philippines to meet them f you fall in love,

Don’t get paranoid!  Not every Filipino is a cheat or scammer and every profile is not false, and if you find an honest Filipino lady you won’t be disappointed.

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