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How to Check a Computer for Evidence of Cheating

5th January, 2014

Do you suspect your Partner is Cheating? Read our Tips and Advice on How to Check their Computer for Evidence that they are Cheating on you!

First check the History and Temporary  Internet files on your home or partners computer to look for any suspicious looking websites, remember to look for social networking sites and sites like Tagged as well as obvious dating sites such as Match.

how to check if your partner is cheating on youWhen you’re trying to catch a cheating wife or girlfriend or cheating boyfriend or husband by interrogating your computer and the Internet, you have to search for more subtle clues as well as the obvious. Sometimes cheaters set up a second or third e-mail secret account that their partner does not know about to conduct their illicit affair or to join dating sites meet others to have an affair.

If you see any of the major free email websites in the computer’s history that you didn’t know you were signed up with, it could be your cheating partner has a secret account with one of them. This is especially the case if they have another computer that they are conducting the main part of the affair from, but can’t access it while they are at home. The cheater maybe limited to only checking his or her email at home, not actually browsing profiles or sending messages in order that you don’t find anything obviously suspicious on the computer.

Sometimes, if you think you know which dating site your cheating partner has joined you can sign up to the site (with a fake photo and details) and search for your partners profile. However, with the multitude of sites out there it could take forever. Also you risk being discovered and accused of cheating yourself.

Some cheaters are very prolific and set up a large number of fake dating site profiles, all slightly different and by doing this can conduct many affairs all over the world without their partners knowledge, all at the same time. These other people are also victims and are often not aware that they too are being lied too and deceived, they are also being cheated on, as well as you.

how to check a computer for a cheater

FidelityCheckOnline has a huge worldwide secure database, once they are registered, we can tell you if your partner is in a relationship with another suspicious member by searching for and matching similarities in the information they have given to other people they are in contact with or they are romancing on dating sites. Once we have made the match we can even put you both in touch to exchange details if you want.

The service is confidential and discreet and your partner will know they have been registered and or you suspect them of cheating on you!

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