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How to find a Private Detective to investigate a cheating Thai girlfriend

16th September, 2013

Tips on how to choose a private detective if you suspect your Thai girlfriend of being a cheater!

“I think my Thai girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating on me how do I pick a good private detective?”

This is a good question, one that I have been asked many times. All too often  I have heard horror stories about private investigators accepting money, not completing a thorough investigation and submitting an incomplete, inaccurate or fictional report to their client.

If you are in one country and the detective in another there is little the client can do about it other than accept the report as genuine, they will have already paid the bill and have little chance of getting any money back.

If they still suspect their partner of cheating they end up going from one detective to another until they find one who completes a comprehensive investigation. I have even heard accounts of where unscrupulous detectives have approached the cheating girlfriend, told them they are under investigation by their suspicions boyfriend and asked for money or sexual favours for a favourable or negative report.

Engaging a detective is can be expensive, especially if surveillance is involved, you will have to advise the investigator of the best days and times to undertake the surveillance, your cheating girlfriends’ personal details and provide a photograph of the person you want followed.

If the person you want investigated or followed is a girlfriend and you suspect she has another boyfriend from a different country you will have to inform the detective of the dates you think he is visiting her and where they are staying or what flight he is arriving on. If you are wrong or don’t have this information it can be problematic for the detective and very costly for you.

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Read my tips on engaging a private detective in Thailand;

• Try and engage a detective who speaks your language and also any local language or dialects.

• Always pick an investigator with a background in either security work or ex- police.

• Do not accept an expensive looking web site as a guarantee that the company or detective is reputable and trustworthy.

• If possible meet them in person and visit their office.

• If the country has trade associations make sure they are paid up members or members of equivalent international private investigation associations.

• Keep track of the costs, good investigators should keep you informed of costs on an ongoing basis and ask you if you want to carry on, what is likely to be gained by what they or you suggest, the difficulty, the likelihood of success and the chances of being compromised.

• During the investigation you should expect regular progress reports and at the end of the investigation you should expect a full written report (including photos).

• Because of the nature of the work an experienced and trustworthy private investigator will never guarantee success, if they do, look for somebody else.

• Good detectives will never tell you what days or times they will undertake surveillance or conduct their investigations.

Whether or not you decide to instruct a private investigator or detective our advice is clear, register your Thai girlfriend you suspect of cheating at http://fidelitycheckonline.com, it is inexpensive, confidential and discrete.

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