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How to Sniff out a Cheater

14th February, 2014

One of the Best indicators your husband or boyfriend is cheating is his smell, does he smell right to you?

One of the main things to look for if you suspect your man is cheating is …… does he smell different.

Smelling of another woman, her perfume, woman’s lotion or any other female smells are all the obvious signs your man is cheating on you and being unfaithful.

Another interesting cheating partner sign is exactly the opposite, does your man smell clean and of soap?

When a man comes in from work or has been at the office late attending meetings after a long day he should smell of sweat, not soap or shower gel!

Smelling clean and fresh is a good indication your partner is cheating, he might smell clean because he has been with his lover and needed to wash her smell off his body.

The other warning sign that your husband or partner is a cheater is when he arrives home and heads straight for the shower without getting too close to you.. and why would he need to do that!

Ladies, if you think your husband is cheating have a good smell when he gets home late, ask yourself does he smell as he should?

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