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How to Track a Thai or Filipino Girlfriend

8th June, 2017

Using Spyware or Apps to track a Thai or Filipino girlfriend to monitor her and check if she is cheating with other guys while you are not around?


All the signs are there, not answering her phone when you call at a pre-arranged time, sounding distracted, making excuses why she can’t speak to you or be with you when you next visit or strange noises or voices in the background when you call her.

But, of course, she will say she still needs the money you send her every month because everything is ‘very expensive’.

As a private investigator’s working in the Far East for years we have seen and heard it all when it comes to cheating girlfriends!

It is frequently the case that girls can have up to 4 or 5 boyfriends all sending money at the same time and all of them completely unaware and unsuspecting of the others existence.


Some guys suspect there are other men and don’t mind, but others, men who have invested financially or emotionally want to know if their girlfriends’ feelings are genuine and they really are the ‘only one’ (as she says) and are not being taken advantage of.

If you are one of those guys, one who needs to know the truth, maybe you have thought of engaging a local private investigator to check what she is up to or meeting? Or maybe you have thought about asking the private investigator to put spyware on her phone to track and spy on who she meets and who she is chatting too.

Today there are new tracking and GPS software technologies being marketed that claim can track and monitor, your Thai or Filipino girlfriend’s computer or cell phone use and track her too.

They say they can record their key strokes, who they are speaking to and who they are in contact with on social media or by email. It sounds simple doesn’t it, spyware software is easy to buy and install, you could even buy your girlfriend a new phone, secretly install it yourself and give it to her as a gift.

Theoretically, all that remains to do then is sit back and check what information the tracking computer software has recorded and check if there is anything incriminating. It sounds simple doesn’t it, but speaking as a private investigator with years of experience catching cheating girlfriends in Thailand, the Philippines and the Far East it isn’t.

Depending on what country your girlfriend lives in what you might have just done is very probably illegal, so illegal that if it came to light and the police started investigating you could arrested and spend time in jail.

It could mean prison, a large fine or even being stopped and arrested at immigration next time you visit.

Computer and privacy legislation varies from country to country and we are not lawyers so cannot give legal advice, but in short, if you (or somebody on your behalf) is accessing a girlfriend’s or other person’s computer without their knowledge or consent you are probably committing a serious computer or privacy criminal offense. This could include the unauthorized accessing of her laptop’s, phone or iPad.

If you are thinking of installing spyware or asking somebody else to access a girlfriend’s computer or phone to any degree, without permission, our advice to think very carefully before you do so.

If you decide to investigate a suspected cheating girlfriend, especially if she lives in Thailand or the Philippines always think ahead, consider how you will use the information you obtain and what, ultimately, what are trying to achieve. If you are looking to confront her with evidence make sure it has not been obtained illegally and you are not putting yourself in danger.

Also remember if you do install spyware you also have the problem of getting it off of your partner’s computer or telephone before it is discovered by her.

Remember, even if a person is in the wrong and a cheat, it does not make it morally right to invade their privacy is not only against the law but also immoral, to do so puts you at a legal and ethical disadvantage. It also makes you liable to arrest and prosecution.

If you think your partner is cheating or seeing other guys while you are not around seek the advice of professionals and consider your options before acting and consider how you will proceed if and when you obtain the evidence you are looking for.

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