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Husband in Long Distance Relationship was having Affairs!

6th November, 2013

Four women in the same Cul-de-sac in Wales all discover that their Husbands were having affairs.

Although all the women were lucky enough to have supporting friends they were obviously traumatised by the events and the shock of finding out the truth about their cheating partners.

We, at FidelityCheckOnline, were particularly interested in the story of Alison Morris. Alison married a Tunisian waiter she met on holiday when she was feeling vulnerable, he was much younger than her but that did not matter to her. She married him, sent him money and spent money she could not afford visiting him and supporting his lifestyle.
She became suspicious and found clues to his infidelity, but he always denied being unfaithful. It was only when she was visiting him and checked his Emails that she found out he had other girlfriends in Poland, Germany and Russia, he later left her for a new Tunisian girlfriend and asked Alison for a divorce. Of course, she never got any of the money she gave him back.

She said “I wasted thousands of pounds on a man who only ever wanted me for my cash and I’m a fool for not realising it sooner”.

A FidelityCheckOnline spokesman said “Alison’s story is tragic one we hear all too often and she was in the type of situation our site is designed to help people like her with. It is entirely possible that the other girlfriends in Poland, Russia and Germany were in exactly the same position as Alison, perhaps they also loved and considered themselves married to this man and had all been sending him money“.

Our site works exactly the same wherever you are in the world. If they had registered him on our site we could have warned them he was in a relationship with another member and even put them in touch.

Joining Fidelity Check Online could have saved Alison (and maybe the other women too!) thousands of pounds and a lot of humiliation and heartache!

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