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Infidelity Investigation: 4 Ways to Catch a Cheater

29th October, 2013

Statistics vary widely when it comes to the top reasons for divorce in the U.S. due to the broad “irreconcilable differences” designation and legal definitions of different terms.

Adultery is voluntary sexual intercourse of a married person with someone other than their spouse, according to Black’s Law Dictionary. Infidelity simply means unfaithfulness, which could technically include adultery.

A Texas A & M study released in September found that husbands tend to cheat more due to stronger sexual impulses, not necessarily a lack of self-control. Meanwhile, the number of cheating wives has increased by nearly 40 percent in the last 20 years, according to the National Opinion Research Centre.

The gender gap for cheaters is closing, while the sanctity of marriage is dissipating across the board.

There’s probably been a time or two (or three) that you’ve suspected something was going on behind your back. Whether sexual activity is non-existent or your partner’s not meeting your needs, it’s best to find out for certain than torture yourself with speculation.

There are several ways you can discreetly discover the truth and stop wasting away years with an unfaithful individual.

Private Investigators

Home listening bugs can catch a cheating spouse if they have the audacity to do the deed in your own home. Otherwise, you’ll need to hire a private investigator. This is the most expensive option available, but it will likely yield the best results.

Private investigators (PI) are licensed by your respective state and trained in various methods of surveillance and forensics, They use methods such as vehicle tracking, computer forensics, asset searches, and Internet activity tracking to uncover infidelity. The biggest advantage of hiring a PI is that you’ll have good evidence of infidelity if you decide to pursue a divorce.

The only major deterrent is cost. PIs charge an average rate of $50-$55 per hour, with some charging up to $300 per hour. Infidelity cases, depending on the level of difficulty, can sometimes require a retainer fee up to $5,000.

Remember, you must tell your PI everything about your relationship, no matter how painful it may be, in order to ensure the best results. At the end of the investigation you should receive a full written report backed up with photographs.

Lie Detector Tests

A much less expensive route would be to purchase USB polygraph software. Despite mixed reviews, one company claims 80 to 99 percent accuracy when the software is used correctly. Kits come with pulse finger clips, a breathing apparatus and the CD-ROM containing the polygraph virtual machine.

It’s a bargain for around $100. This can prove a difficult subject to broach and your partner would, of course have to agree. Once you have asked, you have shown your hand and anything you do after that will be more difficult.

Mobile Apps To Track Cheaters

Sadly, hundreds of smartphone apps actually aid cheaters in adulterous endeavors. But there are also apps available for people who want to track a suspected cheating spouse. In a matter of full disclosure, some of these apps are a little disturbing and can potentially violate privacy laws, so use your best judgment.

“Rastreador de Namorados,” which is Portuguese for “Boyfriend Tracker,” made waves in Brazil before Google removed it from its app store this past summer. The functionality was quite impressive. The app would send you live GPS location data of your partner. It also duplicated and forwarded all text messages they received. An application called “Track Your Wife” is currently available in the Google app store. Footprints is the iPhone equivalent app.


This is the newest and possibly least expensive way of catching a cheater and is especially useful where there are multiple partners. The website encourages members to register their suspected cheating spouse on their database. Every 24 hours their software searches the site database to ascertain whether any of the members are in a relationship with the same person.

Because of the way Fidelity Check Online is set up they can even identify a possible match if the cheater has assumed a different identity, or lied about some of their personal details. If there is a match the members are informed and if they want can be put in contact with each other. The site is run by professional investigators and is much less expensive than paying for the man hours involved in employing a private detective and surveillance.

The site is confidential, discrete and works exactly the same whether the suspected cheating partner lives in the same road or the other side of the world, a great way to catch a cheater.