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Is flirting on the Internet really Cheating?

5th November, 2013

Cheating on your partner and how the virtual world has changed how we define infidelity.

A top psychologist said that before the internet and dating sites you needed physical intimacy before it was classed as cheating however, now “virtual cheating” has taken over. It is by far the easiest way to chat and flirt with somebody of the opposite sex.

Flirting couldn’t get easier than this. This is the world of “virtual seduction”. With smart phones and easy internet access at work place it is easy and convenient to conduct an illicit affair, probably the only stress reliever in our stress filled lives.

The problem is that people become totally emotionally involved in their virtual relationship and don’t realize they are in it too deep until it is too late to pull away.

What people fail to understand is that even though there is no actual physical contact involved the emotional element does contribute to “cheating”!

So, while it may appear to be platonic in most cases it leads directly to deeper involvement and even though there is no physical contact in most people’s minds (especially women) any kind of relationship with the opposite sex of this nature is still classed as cheating.

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