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With thousands of clients, our specialist investigators, aided by unique computer matching software are helping victims of romance fraud or infidelity. Simply register your partner or person you have met on our unique database now and find out the truth.

Is my Dating Site Perfect Match for Real?

8th November, 2013

“How can I check that my dating site ‘perfect match’ is for real and not a cheat?”

What I think you mean is,

“How can you check the person I have met on a dating site is not posting multiple fake profiles, lying  about their identity, their intentions and dating other people at the same time as me”.

The problem is that if the person you have met on a dating site is a cheat and being dishonest about who they are and their true intentions, by the time you find out the truth about them you may have already invested considerable time, emotional energy and maybe money into the relationship.

You may even believe you have fallen in love with him or her. You are probably not not be the only one, there may be other men or woman just like you, they might be living in your county or even in another part of world, someone just like you who have been taken in by a web of lies and untruths.

All of you, in what you think is a monogamous, relationship with somebody special but who, in reality is a person just stringing you along and being unfaithful with other people. These individuals play games with people’s emotions, lives are destroyed and sometimes there is a more sinister motive, to gain your confidence and ask you for money or steal your identity.

It was, until now, almost impossible to catch fake dating site posters and internet scammers.

We ask people who have met somebody on a dating site or internet to register them on our database.

Fidelity Check Online software will check to see if they are already registered with us as being a relationship with somebody else. It is discreet, safe and confidential. They will not even know they have been registered. Maybe you know somebody who you think is being lied to or deceived, everybody is entitled to protect themselves and their loved ones against deceit and fraud.

So join us today and check out if your partner is really for real and your perfect match!


Checking for Cheaters


Although there can be no guarantees the site can provide some piece of mind that the person is not registered as being in a relationship with else and also give an early warning of unfaithfulness, infidelity or fraud.

The site is not expensive and has a variety of subscription options.


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