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Men Having Affairs

5th August, 2016

Is my husband or boyfriend looking to hook up with other women and have a affairs?

How can you tell if your husband or partner is looking to have an affair…? What are the signals he’s sending out to other girls?

The new research coming into the possession of specialist detectives here at FidelityCheckOnline.com seems to indicate other women can tell if your husband, boyfriend or partner is prepared to have an affair with them by the signals he’s sending out and just by looking at him.

‘It sounds unbelievable but just by looking at your husband, a woman looking for sex or an affair can tell if he’s is ready to have sex with her!’

As private investigators specializing in unfaithful husbands and partners we are always being asked by wives left bemused as to why other women are attracted to their husbands or boyfriends and wonder if their cheating boyfriends and spouses are sending out discreet signals that attract other women and letting them know they are available for hook ups and secret sex sessions.

Many suspicious wives wonder if their spouses are already cheating or secretly visiting dating sites while they are at work or late at night when they have gone to sleep.

Husband on Dating Sites

Do you ever wonder if your partner or spouse, unknown to you is sending out signals that he is looking to be unfaithful?

These test results indicate that other women can tell which men are likely to be cheat just by looking at  photographs.

The study was undertaken by Australian scientists where volunteers shown photographs of 34 unknown men and were asked to select which were most likely to be unfaithful and have an affair with them even though they were already in a relationship.

All of the women selected for the tests were between twenty and forty-two years old and were all asked before the test began if they have ever previously cheated on their spouse.

In the experiment 17 pairs of photos were shown to the women who took part.

In each pair of photographs there was one man who said he had never been unfaithful and one who admitted to cheating on his wife or partner at least twice during their relationship.

The researchers discovered that 55% to 59% accuracy on the woman’s judgment of the men’s likelihood to be, or have been unfaithful in the past.

A second experiment on a group of 60 different women found similar results. These second findings indicate that women can determine a man’s faithfulness just by looking at them or their photograph.

The Australian scientists said that the reasons are still unclear just how the women who took part in the survey where able to tell which men were likely to be unfaithful. Previous studies have indicated that attractiveness was one factor however the researchers were not able to draw that conclusion from these survey findings.

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