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Private Detectives Thailand

27th February, 2014

What other options are there besides hiring Private Detectives in Thailand, if you suspect your Thai Girlfriend is being Unfaithful?

If you think you have a Cheating girlfriend in Thailand’s Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket you might think you need them to be investigated by Thai Private Investigator, but what if you can’t afford their fees , find one you trust or your suspicions at this stage are only small and so do not warrant a full investigation by a private detective at this stage?

It is true that many of Thailand’s women have many boyfriends, at the same time living all over the world. It is also true that most of the time these boyfriends do not know the others exist. They think they are the only boyfriend in their Thai girlfriend’s life and often send money to their Thai girlfriend so that she can support her family, no longer have to work in a bar or just so that she can buy nice things for herself.

We, at FidelityCheckOnline.com, understand that boyfriends of Thai girls (especially if they once worked in a bar) think there is a chance they might have other boyfriends somewhere on the scene.

Maybe when you call her you can hear the sound of music in the background, maybe she is not contactable for days on end and you don’t know where she has been or maybe when you visit her she won’t let go of her mobile/cell phone and you think it is because another boyfriend is going to call her. It could be any number of things that are making you a little suspicious about your girlfriend and for your own piece of mind you need to know the truth.

The problem is that hiring a private detective is an expensive business and even the best Thai private investigator sometimes fails. There might not enough information for them to go on, or your girlfriend might be too clever for them or very smart at covering her tracks, there is no guarantee of success, you could be throwing your money away on an expensive investigation that leads nowhere.

Thailand has some of the best detectives in the world, I should know I have worked with one of them, but some can be incompetent, unreliable and indiscreet. A good web site is no guarantee of a good investigator, sorting the good from the bad is a very difficult task and finding a good private detective that you can trust might be more difficult than you think.

The other problem is that if your Thai girlfriend does has another boyfriends who visit her, how do you know when they are going to turn up in Thailand so you can tell your private detective so he can follow her and see if she is up to no good. Also if she moves out of her room to be with another boyfriend for two weeks, how do you or your private investigator know what hotel she is staying in so he can follow her?

The problems are numerous and complex, of course you will only read the private investigator success stories; you won’t hear stories of failed surveillance operations costing thousands of Baht with nothing to show for them.

FidelityCheckOnline.com is a new concept in infidelity and cheating girlfriend investigation, we are specialists in unfaithful and cheating girlfriends in Thailand, Far East and the Philippines. We have a unique database on which you can register your Thai girlfriend. Once your girlfriend is registered to you we check to see if she is also registered to another member.

If two people have the same girlfriend we, discreetly, let you both know through the site. If you both want we can even put you
in touch so you can confirm the match and exchange experiences. By using this method, boyfriends who unknown to them, have the same girlfriend can be living on different sides of the world from each other and the site could still link them to the same girl living and working in Thailand or anywhere else in the Far East.

As experienced investigators we understand that not all relationships are serious, some are just casual fun liaisons and there are no expectations by either party as to faithfulness or fidelity. But in other cases the relationship can develop into something more serious, maybe you are sending a lot of money to support your Thai girlfriend in the form of an allowance or maybe you are thinking of asking your Thai girlfriend to marry you or of re locating to Thailand and buying building a house or business in Thailand.

Before you do any of these things, or make any big decisions, you need to know the truth about your relationship, how strong is it, does she really love you or are there any other boyfriends on the scene that you should know about? Finding out the truth about your relationship is important and can be done by hiring a private detective or by registering your girlfriend with FidelitycheckOnline.com, you can even do both if you wish.

The good thing about the FidelityCheckOnline site is that the pricing structure is so competitive that you can register your girlfriend and the site will monitor her for you, every night the site software checks your girlfriends details to see if she is registered to another member, if there is a match you will be informed.

Membership of the site is inexpensive and you can leave your girlfriend registered for months on end, safe in the knowledge that if anything comes to light you will be informed. The site is strictly confidential so know body will ever know you are a client and your Thai girlfriend will never know she has been registered. The site can give you piece of mind and reassurance.

The most important thing is that you are pro-active in making sure you are making the right decision about your future with your Thai girlfriend, with facts! (not your heart), that you are not making a big mistake that you and your family could regret for years. The detectives working at FidelityCheckOnline.com have already seen too many broken hearts and bank accounts; we don’t want to see any more.

FidelityCheckOnline.com is owed and run by experienced ex Scotland Yard detectives with offices in London and Bangkok.

100% money back guarantee

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