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Reasons Why People Cheat

27th September, 2016

Imbalances in relationships that might mean your partner or spouse is more likely to cheat and be unfaithful.

Whilst we all seek the perfect relationship unfortunately we may fall for the wrong person, whilst initially the chemistry works other factors come into play after time and result in a partner loosing interest and possibly straying.


Some of the main reasons a partner may stray are:

1. Wealth (how much does your partner earn?)

It’s a fact; Despite what you witness on daytime chat shows the wealthier a person is the more likely they are to be unfaithful, also more intelligent people are more likely to cheat on a partner.

2. Schooling

If your partner particularly a woman is more intelligent, they are also more likely to be unfaithful in order to seek that stimulus they need above and beyond sexual attraction.

3. Is your partner outgoing and gregarious?

Naturally outgoing types, or people who enjoy new experiences or ‘living on the edge’ tend to be more prone to having affairs and not being faithful to a partner.

4. Dominance in a Relationship

If the wife or the female in the relationship wears the trousers and makes all the big decisions, they are more likely to stray.

Dominant females are more likely to seek other sexual partners and adventures because of the power imbalance in the relationship.

5. Unstable childhood

Cheating may be a matter of ‘Nurture’ and childhood experiences. Does (or did) your partner have a good stable relationship with their parents?

People who were safe and secure in their relationships with their mother and father when growing up tend to have more stable partnerships themselves and engage in less infidelity when they are adults.

Those who were insecure in childhood are more likely to cheat on a partner.

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