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Romance Scam Facts and Figures!

2nd March, 2014

Romance Scams are on the increase as Scammers target easy pickings on the Internet

On The 25th February 2014 Mail Online reports three cases of Romance scams where it has left the victims heartbroken.

Jan COLE from Yorkshire UK met her Nigerian boyfriend Michael (26) while visiting Gambia. Michael was working as a bar tender in a country that has a reputation as being a hot bed of romances between young local men and more mature western women often referred to as cougars.

After a brief, but intense, romance Michael proposed marriage and said he wanted to live in the UK and although Jan would have preferred to live in the Gambia she agreed. Soon after they arrived in the UK Michael began to act out of character, he was staying out late and was out of contact for long periods.

Eventually Jan called a number that kept on appearing on his cell phone and she discovered he had been in a relationship with another woman for the past 6 years. This relationship must have been going on all the time she was visiting him in Gambia and through their courtship.

Jan confronted him and he replied that “People laugh when they see us together.” She was absolutely devastated.

When widow Jeanette Styles, 56, from Scarborough, UK, visited Italy on holiday she met a man calling himself Rudi Sloot. Rudi told her he was an undercover spy working for the US government. Rudi was young and handsome and soon he was persuading Jeanette to spend her money buying him expensive gifts and asking him to loan him money that he would pay back.

Of course he never paid the money back always making excuses, then one night when he became aggressive Jeanette called the police. They arrested him and later found out he was wanted by Interpol on fraud offenses.

Alanah Longshore, from Scotland, began chatting with a man from Turkey, she was only 16 when she first met him. They finally arranged to meet in Turkey in 2010. The relationship flourished and she decided to move to Turkey so they could live together. Soon he began to spend more time out of the house and when he became violent towards her she ran home to Scotland.

Soon she found out he was a serial philanderer with lots of girlfriends and she also discovered she was pregnant. Now safe home in the UK Alanah is taking advice on how she can keep her baby son safe from his father who has threatened to take him back to Turkey.

Some Figures and facts on Romance Scams

In the US

  • $105million The total losses reported by US Federal Trade Commission in 2013 where This amount was almost the same as 2012.
  • Most of the victims where 50 years of age or over according to FBI Internet Crime Complaint Centre.
  • A quarter of all online romance scams came from the 50+ age group that’s 1,152 out of 4,476 complaints. The loss to romance scams from this age group is almost 70% of the total loss


  • Canada’s fraud unit reported lost to love or romance scams in 2012, up from about $600,000 in 2008 to $16 million.


  • The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission reported $25.3 million had been lost from 2,770 incidents of romance scams that were reported last year.
  • More than 64 victims lost over $10,000 and 400 people lost up to $10,000.


  • There were 1.000 reported romance scams in the UK each year. According to the UK’s Office of National Statistics.

FidelityCheckOnline comments “These are frightening statistics and show the extent of romance scams throughout the world. These situations can be avoided if people take reasonable steps to protect themselves and their families against scammers and fraudsters”.

FidelityCheckOnline can tell you if your partner is in a relationship with another suspicious member. It is discreet, confidential and nobody will ever find out they have been registered or investigated.

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