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Romance scams increasing Canadians losing millions of dollars.

14th March, 2014

According to recent reports in the Canadian Press the increasing number Romance Scams are costing unsuspecting Canadians Millions of Dollars a Year!

Vulnerable Canadians lost $15 million to online romance fraud last year alone with an Ottawa woman being yet another Canadian victim of internet romance scammers asking her for money.

Michelle (the victim) says they had been chatting to her scammer on line for months as he won her trust and friendship, Michelle was even planning to move to Florida to live with him, soon he began to ask her for money for airline tickets to visit her.

Suddenly he became too ill to travel and even claimed he had been hit by a car.

Michelle said that by the time she realized she was had been groomed and been the victim of a romance scam she had already sent (and lost) about $3,000. Michelle said “When I sent him, I think it was $400 one time for plane tickets, he sent me an email with the confirmation of everything. It’s like, ok, it’s all there. I don’t know how they do it, they know how to work the Internet.”

Michelle says the whole episode is embarrassing but wanted to tell her story to help others.

FidelityCheckOnline says “ Never send money to somebody you have never met in person and only contacted through the internet, if they ask you for money stop contact immediately and report them to the site and law enforcement. Never send somebody you have met on the internet intimate photographs or exchange personal information that could embarrass you if it fell into the wrong hands.

If you think the relationship could develop into something more serious, let FidelityCheckOnline.com investigate to see if they are known to any of our other members.

More information can be found on internet romance scammers targeting Canadians and others on other posts on our blog. Romance Scammers target victims worldwide particularly those living in the West this is not just a Canadian problem and you should always be mindful if you are online looking for romance the person you are talking to may not be all they appear!


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