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Romance Scams on Christian Dating Sites

21st February, 2014

Romance scams on Christian Dating sites are becoming more common take Carol  a 53 woman from the USA, after the death of her fiance she decided to register with a well known Christian dating web site.

Carol was a new comer to internet dating sites and she hoped and prayed that people registered on the site where good God fearing people like her and there was just a chance she would meet her soul mate. She thought the site would be safe and people on it would be similar to her. Unfortunately this did not turn out to be the case.

After Carol had been on the Christian dating site for a few weeks she saw a photograph of a man she liked and sent him a message. She received a reply almost straight away the man said that he lived in the same city as Carol and even attended the same church. Carol was very excited, she felt safe and re assured that she had met somebody who appeared to be a nice man, who lived locally and had the same values as she did.

The man immediately asked Carol if they could correspond via their personal e-mail and she agreed. He explained in his Emails that he owned his own construction business and was for the time being working overseas building an oil platform. He said he was working in southern Africa but the construction would soon be over when he would return home.

Carol’s Email conversation with the man soon became personal and they were telling each other about their relationship with God and their lives. His e-mails were well written and articulate, and he displayed and excellent knowledge of the word of the bible, he said that he wanted to be a good father to his son (coincidentally the same age as carol’s) and to live a good God fearing life. Over the next week the Emails became more frequent in intimate, Carol poured out her feelings and fears and he did the same.

In one of the Emails the man promised to “guard my heart with his life” and to have “faith bigger than my fears”. He said it was beyond his wildest dreams that he would be able to find a soul mate on a Christian dating site and he even wrote wedding vows. They started talking on the telephone two or three times a day. Carol told him where she lived and all about her family.

Then one day, without warning, he called her and said a deal for construction equipment had gone wrong and could she send him money as it was an emergency. Carol immediately knew the profile was a fake and he was a ‘Romance Scammer’. Carol confronted him about where he lived and asked him to name the street their church was on.

Of course he couldn’t answer and became angry. Intelligently Carol phoned the FBI and filed a report to the internet fraud division. The man continued to call her but she did not answer. Carol is coping well but feels a bit stupid. She is also slightly worried because she sent him photographs of her son and she is scarred that he might use them on another romance scam victim.

Carol remembered God’s word telling her everything is a test. Her faith has carried her through and she is determined to do everything she can to stop this man from devastating someone else’s life who might be more vulnerable than her.

The above story is true, Carol is a real person and her story should act as a warning to everybody using dating sites (especially Christian dating sites). I hope she does not mind us repeating it. Well done Carol for seeing through the scammer and reporting the matter to the US authorities.

Of course he will never be caught and is still out there on the internet looking for another victim. He will be using the same cover story and the same text in his Emails to pursued women to fall in love with him and send him money.

Research carried out by FidelityCheckOnline suggests that fraudsters and scammers are targeting Christian dating sites to identify potential victims. Scammers consider Christians easy targets because of their faith and belief system and because they thing Christian dating sites are a safe way of meeting like minded people.

FidelityCheckOnline warns “Whatever dating site you are on be on your guard, there are scammers everywhere. Never send money abroad and never send intimate photos or exchange personal information with somebody you have never met”.

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