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Safer Internet Dating Tips

10th April, 2016

The Dangers of Looking for Love Online – Tips for Safer Internet Dating!

The internet, dating sites and social media have become a very popular and important method for both men and women to meet, date and, in numerous cases, find romance and love.

We, at FidelityCheckOnline.com, are big fans of dating sites if they are used properly and people take appropriate precautions.

Dangers of Dating Online
Because, dating sites, of course are not without their risk, they have, quite accurately, been described as ‘playgrounds for predators’. All you have to do is ask the thousands of JDI Dating site customers who were recently awarded a total of $616,165 in refunds as part of an out of court settlement the firm reached with the US Federal Trade Commission.

Although based in the UK JDI Dating, which owns 18 other dating sites, was charged with creating phony and fake profiles and then sending flirtatious messages and fake photos to other site users who had free accounts, their intent was to make them believe someone was interested in them and might want to meet them. Their motive: To make money by persuading their members with the free dating accounts to upgrade to paid memberships so they could chat and meet people they thought was interested in them but who, in reality, didn’t exist.

Everybody who uses dating sites should remember it is easy to post fake information on dating sites. Always treat anything you read on a dating site or social media profile with healthy skepticism. If you decide to go ahead and meet the person you have encountered always follow safe dating advice and never send money to somebody you have met on a dating site and never met in person.

Always research the person you have met either on a dating site or social media before you meet or get romantically involved with them. Consider registering them with a cheater checker site to see if they have been registered by somebody else.

Dating Online

Some dating site tips from a private investigator to help you to date safely on dating sites.

1. Always take your car to the first date: This means you won’t drink too much that might affect your judgement. Don’t tell your date your address, where you work or where your children go to school. Talk in generalities…. “I live near the park, I work near the airport, or my child goes to school near my house”. If you feel the need invest in a cheap mobile/cell phone and give that number to daters do so, they are inexpensive and provide you with some protection from stalkers and unwanted calls.

2. What they write about themselves is always more important than their picture. Take time to read the detail and don’t be afraid to read between the lines, Physical attraction is, of course, important but I am a great believer in instinct as well, if they don’t feel right, just move on…. even if they look beautiful. What is important is whether they have a good heart and they want the same things as you. Beware of cheaters and liars who are lying about their circumstances or intentions.

3. As a general rule Free or inexpensive dating websites are more likely to attract men and women interested in casual sex, “hook-up” casual type relationships. These people tend to join multiple sites and date many people at the same time with a goal of just “having fun. Daters who are willing to invest money on dating sites and meeting people are usually more interested in finding somebody for a serious relationship or marriage.

4. As I have already said, research your date on the internet and consider registering them with a cheater checker site. You need to know if they really exist and what their character is like, remember Facebook and LinkedIn, and try to find a connection, someone you might know in common who can fill in some gaps and give you a bit of history.

5. Do whatever you can to make sure he or she isn’t married or in a long term relationship or has children they are hiding from you: I have heard numerous stories about people who have met somebody on a dating site, become romantically involved, and then discovered they are married with children! So look for clues. After a few dates people should be starting to open up if they are still being vague about where he or she lives, or if you go on a few dates and he or she isn’t inviting you over, that might be a sign something is amiss.

6. Remember what I said before, trust your gut: It’s hardly ever wrong. What’s that saying…if it looks like a pig, smells like a pig and sounds like a pig well, it’s probably a pig!

7. Never send the person you have met photographs of your children or photographs of you together with your child or children. There is time for all of that later.

If you are thinking of dating online or have maybe found someone you are interested in check them out before you even think of meeting up with them!