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Safety Tips for Homosexual Travelers

16th October, 2013

How to Avoid the Scammers – Gay and Lesbian Safety Travel Advice.

I really can’t put this strongly enough, NEVER to go to a third world country to meet someone you met online, whether you intend to have sex or not (especially if homosexuality or homosexual acts are against the law there).

If homosexuality is against the law, as it is in over 70 countries according to a UK press report, the trip is absolutely riddled with potential problems, scams and, dangers. The main problems is that you cannot rely on the police or legal system for protection, firstly they are probably corrupt and secondly they will be anti homosexual.

If you are attacked or robbed and make an allegation to the police all that your attacker has to do is convince them that you are gay (with photos, texts or condoms) and the weight of the law will be against you not them.

 However, if you feel you really must travel and wish to meet someone then read the following advice.

Some of this is general advice and some is specific advice if homosexuality is unlawful in the country you are visiting;

  • When you are traveling never let anyone know the date you are arriving and your flight information. Do not allow them to meet you at the airport – you might find they arrive with the police to arrest you.
  • Always book your own taxi and accommodation in a tourist friendly part of town.
  • If you take your new friend to your hotel or house you may find they will return with the police. The hotel may also alert the police.
  • Do not go to the person’s house. They may have their gang waiting to beat you up. It is better to meet them in a public place although we have several reports of people being kidnapped in full view of the public.
  • If you have sex, keep track of the used condoms – they can be used as evidence against you.
  • Be extra vigilant with people who live in slums or very run down areas. These are places known for criminal activity.
  • Don’t allow them to book your hotel, organize visas, etc. You may find you never see them or your any money sent again.
  • NEVER send money.
  • Never send intimate of yourself or sexual messages as they could be used against you as evidence of you being homosexual.
  • Always practice safe sex.

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