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Are you sending money abroad to a partner

24th September, 2013

The Truth about Cheating , unfaithful Girlfriends, Boyfriends and Partners and sending money abroad.

Unfortunately in many of these cases, although the girlfriend or boyfriend living in these far flung places claim to be faithful and the money having had a positive life changing impact, very often this is not the truth.

If you are sending money abroad to someone who claims to love you then you really need to read this!

All too often you are not the only person in their lives, there is another boyfriend or girlfriend just like you somewhere else in the world being told exactly the same stories, there might be two or maybe three other people. They are also sending money, so that the girl or boy they love need not work in the bar any longer or can go to school or university.

Sending your Girlfriend Money

The truth is the person they love and are supporting are being unfaithful and lying, there is no love on their part, they are still working in a bars, still gambling, still getting drunk and still seeing other people. All they need to do is to keep the deception going, ensuring you and the others keep sending money to them from their home country.

They go to great lengths to make sure you and any other boyfriends/girlfriends do not meet when you visit them. If by chance your visit to see them coincides with that of another boyfriend or girlfriend, they will claim an emergency of some kind has arisen and disappear, often going with the person who shows the most promise for the future, or sends them the most money.

Relationships like these can go on for years, with huge amounts of money being sent, marriage is often discussed, businesses and houses brought.  Often, very often the relationship over time breaks down for some reason or another. Phone calls go unanswered, arguments over them partying all night, outlandish requests for money, it could be a million and one things, but the end result most of the time, is that you find yourself with a lot less money that when you first started the relationship, and alone. Most of the victims come from the developed world including Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and of late China India and Brazil.

Two things I always remember is something a good friend of mine said who works as a Private Investigator in Thailand and has done for many years investigating cheating girlfriends, boyfriends and unfaithfulness.

Cheating Thai Girlfriend

“ You can take the girl out of the bar but you can’t take the bar out of the girl” and “ They can make a living out of sex but love will make them rich” nothing that I have ever witnessed has done anything to disproved those two statements.

I have overheard girls talking about boyfriends who, for years have been paying for bars, land and cars for their girlfriends who, in reality could not care less about about them and would leave them in an instant if somebody better with more money came along.

It really is better to find out a partner is cheating, sooner rather than later. They could break your heart as well as your bank balance.


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