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With thousands of clients, our specialist investigators, aided by unique computer matching software are helping victims of romance fraud or infidelity. Simply register your partner or person you have met on our unique database now and find out the truth.

Specialist Private Investigators in Thailand

6th February, 2017

Specialist Private Investigators In Thailand, With A Unique Cheating Thai Girlfriend Database!

A quick, easy and inexpensive way of checking if your Thai girlfriend has other boyfriends.

Hire a Thai Private InvestigatorIt couldn’t be simpler and only takes a few minutes; register your girlfriend or partner with us and we will let you know if they are in a relationship with someone else on our database. Our service is professional, simple, easy, discreet, confidential and best of all it is inexpensive.

Since 2013 we have built up our database globally. Men in Thailand and all over the world register their girlfriend or spouse with us, we compare their details with others on the database and warn our client if there are any matches and have any other secret boyfriends.

Because we check on every single piece of a Thai girlfriend’s data we can even tell if she is using a different name to cheat with somebody else.

So, do you suspect your partner is cheating, or would you want to monitor them to ensure they don’t already have other boyfriends, or have started a relationship somebody else?

If the answer is yes, you need Thai private investigators using the most sophisticated investigation methods who you can trust.

We have the largest database in Thailand and have been helping clients since 2013, our investigators have built up a reputation of discretion and confidentiality. Although most of our investigations take place at Thailand’s tourist hotspots of Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Hua Hin and Ko Samui, we represent clients from all over the world.

If you want a full investigation on your Thai girlfriend, or spouse or want her followed or tested, follow our tips on how to appoint a professional private investigator in Thailand.

However, if you don’t want a full investigation, need keep control of cost, but still want to quietly and discreetly check and monitor your girlfriend’s faithfulness, do what thousands of people all over Thailand have already done and register her with FidelityCheckOnline.com.

Our computer software runs 24 hourly searches, to check if your girlfriend or spouse has other boyfriends and a detective will warn you if we think she is cheating.

Thailand’s Private Investigators

i. Thailand has some of the best private investigators in the world, however, the best private investigator is not necessarily the one with the most sophisticated looking website. When picking a private investigator in Thailand, select someone you feel is trustworthy and who will allow you to keep control of how much you spend.

At FidelityCheckOnline.com we offer low cost set plans that can be cancelled at any time, allowing clients complete control of the length of time they want their girlfriend investigated for and the amount they want to spend. This means our clients can be certain that they will not be presented with a huge bill at the end.

ii. You also need to be certain that the investigation will remain discreet and strictly confidential and will want reassurance that your girlfriend will not discover she is being followed, tested or be told she is under investigation.

At FidelityCheckOnline.com we encrypt all our data so all your information is safe.

iii. As Thai private investigators, specializing in unfaithfulness and cheating partners in Thailand since 2013, we understand that many people do not understand the true nature of cheating within a relationship and the effect betrayal or unfaithfulness can have on a person emotionally and financially.

Although there are always two sides to any story, unfaithfulness is not acceptable and we understand how emotionally harmful it can be to the other partner or spouse.

Girls in Thailand are much the same as girls all over the world – Cheating is conducted for different reasons. For some girls, cheating is out of character and they fall victim to temptation. There are those who will cheat once, feel badly about it, and never repeat their mistake.

Others are serial cheaters or scammers, who set about ensnaring men to get money from them. For them, serial cheating is a lifestyle choice and these kinds of people greedily continue their cheating pattern again and again, making as much money as they can, usually only stopping when they are discovered.

They are very believable and very good at their job of convincing men they need money for day to day living and various imaginary emergencies that might befall them.

The classic Thai girlfriend scam is to have several boyfriends on the go at the same time, all usually ignorant of the others existence, all thinking they are their girlfriends’ only love and all sending their girlfriend what they think is sufficient money for them to live for the month (this is known as sponsoring).

As you can imagine for a clever, manipulative girl, her monthly income can amount to a small fortune. All she has do, is keep the boyfriends from discovering the others existence and she can run the scam for years, unbeknown to the men involved, who, live in hope of marriage or similar.

If you are sending money to a girlfriend in Thailand why not register her to find out if she has other boyfriends, what you do with that information is up to you?

For these types of girls, keeping boyfriends separated is not particular difficult, especially if the boyfriends are westerners (Farangs), who live abroad and have full time jobs or family commitments. They are often persuaded to send money to their girlfriends so that they no longer need to work in bars or massage parlors and entertain customers.

Many of our clients, both men and women living in the west ask for the help of a private investigator because they want to check their girlfriends are being faithful and don’t have other boyfriends visiting them when they are not around.

Typically, the men involved live in their home countries for most of the year and visit Thailand for a vacation to visit their girlfriends when they have the time and have saved enough money. The costs of visiting their girlfriend and sending them regular money to support them, can often mean that the men involved are left with limited finances.

Apart from the dishonesty and betrayal, there are health issues – Clients have unknowingly contracted sexual viruses/diseases from a girlfriend who they mistakenly thought was being faithful while they were apart.

Although there are many honest girls in Thailand, in happy, faithful, long distance relationships with western men, sometimes they fall for the temptation of getting into relationships with other guys while you are apart. If you are investing time and money into a relationship with a girl, or if you are serious about her sponsoring her, thinking about marriage or taking her to your country, it’s always best to be sure.

Once a client has registered a girlfriend with us they can relax, knowing we will monitor the situation constantly and warn them at any sign of infidelity.

Check out your Thai Girlfriend

Our Experience

With offices in the UK and Bangkok, our specialist private investigators have worked in Thailand on infidelity cases for many years.

Over this period, we have refined our computer search systems and its capabilities. We have adapted our systems and search criteria to ensure we provide the best service and our clients looking to check if a Thai girlfriend is cheating receive value for money.

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