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Sponsoring a Thai Girl

29th June, 2016

How many other sponsors does your Thai girlfriend have?

Find out here if your Thai girlfriend has other boyfriends or sponsors, register her with us and we will warn you!

Over the past two years we have represented thousands of men and built up a reputation for discretion and confidentiality. In the process we have built up the largest database of its kind in the world, we can check that database to establish if one girl has two boyfriends.

As investigators specializing in helping men with girlfriends in Thailand and the Far East who they think might be unfaithful while they are apart we are always on the lookout of new scams or behavior that might cause our concern or that they should be warned about.

The latest is a worrying trend is ‘Mongers’ (men visiting Thailand for casual sexual encounters) seeking out girls who are being sponsored by absent boyfriends for unprotected sex while their sponsors are actually on the telephone talking to them. These men usually, but not exclusively, visit the Thai tourist hotspots like Bangkok, Phuket, Phuket or Ko Samui.

Then they seek out sponsored girls for sex and ask them when their boyfriends will be calling them for a chat. The deal is that when the boyfriends (sponsors) telephone, the girls are actually engaging in unprotected sex with a customer.

Apart from the betrayal involved think of the health risks, many of these guys are having sex with a different girl every night while they are in Thailand.

So sponsors, next time you are on the phone with your girlfriend ask yourself the question, is somebody else with her while we are speaking?

But let me start by saying not all sponsored Thai girls are cheating on their absent boyfriends. Some are loyal and trustworthy. The knack is to separate the two before you get too involved, either romantically or financially.

Once you find out the truth it is up to you what you do with that

information, maybe you want to renegotiate what you send her or end the relationship or just do nothing, but at least you will know the truth….. and dangers of carrying on with the relationship.

So, a time for a little reminder, gentlemen and some home truths about Thai girls who have sponsors and are scamming them for money when they don’t really love them.

So you have visited Thailand, maybe Bangkok, Phuket or Ko Sanui and had the time of your life. Only this time you have met somebody special, a Thai girl who is different from all the rest. She works in a bar but doesn’t like it and only works there to support her poor family back home.

It makes her sad and cry having to go with customers she thinks are ugly for money and wants to give it all up and train as something else, maybe a beautician or manicurist.

What you don’t fully understand is that Thailand can change a man, the place can affect your judgement and make you feel good, Thailand can make you incredibly handsome, you become confident, you can achieve anything, ………. almost godlike in your attractiveness……… NOT.

As the weeks go by you get fonder and fonder of your new ….. ‘girlfriend’, she makes you laugh and when you are with her you’re happy. When it comes time to leave Thailand and return home you undertake to support her and send her some money so that she can put the life that makes her so miserable behind her. She can re-train, return home to her family farm and breed pigs, or maybe buy that noodle bar she has been talking about that can’t help but make heaps of money.

You ask her how much money she needs a month to live and she suggests 6000 Bht a month, that, with the money she would make if she left the bar and got a job waiting tables in a restaurant would be more than enough for her to live on. Also he thinks that because she is getting a good deal and enough money from him that she would not want to risk it all and possibly lose it all by being unfaithful or caught cheating because that would ruin everything.

Never assume that your Thai girlfriend will be faithful because of the money you are sending her.

In my experience even huge amounts of sponsorship money will not guarantee your girlfriend being faithful or looking for better options.

Of course 6000 Bht is not all you will pay, there will be emergencies, problems will arise, medical problems, motorbikes to be brought, rent to pay.

Don’t expect your Thai girlfriend to save some of her monthly sponsorship money and use it if a problem arises, it will all go, every month somewhere or another, none of it will be saved.

So he returns home and resumes his humdrum life and prepares himself and looks forward to his next trip back to Thailand to see the new Thai girl love of his life.

Saving for his next trip and sending money to her means he has to make sacrifices, he doesn’t go out as much as he did before so his social life has taken a bit of a hit and he didn’t have the money to buy that new car he always wanted but it’s all worth it because he knows the money he sends to his Thai girlfriend is all going to a good cause.

It is keeping her out of the bar, she is being faithful and not going with other men because she doesn’t need the money anymore and she is saving herself for his return and his next trip to Thailand visit her.

He starts to dream about retirement to Thailand, maybe building a house in Issan, getting married, maybe even start a second family.

The sponsorship relationship can go on for years with the sponsor visiting three of four times a year with the appearance of everything going according to plan; he might even be invited to visit his girlfriends family in Issan where they make a fuss of him and confirm that he is the love of his girlfriend life and how much she loves him and wants to be with him.

Or he might even arrange and pay for her to visit his country for holidays and vacations.

Well that’s the dream and there is nothing wrong with dreaming, the problem is that all too often sponsorship and sponsoring a Thai girlfriend doesn’t work out like that, especially if she has worked in a bar for any length of time.

The dream can go terribly wrong leaving the sponsor broken hearted and financially a lot worse off if not bankrupt.

As private investigators specializing in cheating girlfriend and sponsorship scams in Thailand we have heard hundreds of accounts from well meaning men who have been taken for thousands of Pounds, Dollars, Euros etc by girls living in Thailand who are not being honest about how they feel about their absent boyfriend and in fact, far from him being the only one in her life, he is one of many boyfriends that have been sponsoring and sending her money over the years.

Of course, these other sponsorship guys all expect the same benefits, the right to visit her in Thailand and have sex with her whenever they are there. Don’t get me wrong, none of these sponsors are doing anything wrong, they are probably all equally victims of a scam all operating under the misapprehension that they are the only one in their Thai girls life and in an exclusiverelationship with her.

It’s a well know fact to those who know about these things or have spent or worked for any length of time in Thailand that some Thai girls have many sponsors (or boyfriends). These men are usually scattered all over the world and in complete ignorance of each other. These men are all usually sending sponsorship money that they think will be sufficient for a month.

All the girlfriend has to do to sustain this huge income for doing effectively nothing is to keep them apart and ignorant of the other existence.

What does your Thai girlfriend do with the money you send her.

The top of her list will be;

  •  Partying with her friends.
  •  Sending money home to her parents
  •  Gambling
  •  Drugs/drink
  •  Clothes/Makup
  •  A new motorbike

Very few Thai girls who have been sponsored actually return to their village and stay there, compared to the bright light of Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket or Ko Samu villages are boring dull places.

They may visit for a while and show off their wealth but they rarely stay for long and soon return to the cities and maybe look for more sponsors or customers.

Many people who warn of the dangers of relationships with Thai girls or girls from the Far East write about where you, as a sponsor stand, in order of priority in your girlfriend’s life. Many men think that as they are the person who pays the bills and is the main romantic interest in their girlfriend life that they are high up on her priority list…. they couldn’t be more wrong.

In my view the list goes something like this;

  • Money (this includes gold, jewellery,)
  •  Parents (family)
  •  Food
  • Friends (parties)
  •  Sleeping
  •  Watching soaps on TV
  •  (YOU)

As I said at the beginning, not all Thai girls are bad and trying to scam you for money.

The knack is to establish at an early stage what and who you are dealing with and then act appropriately. I have encountered some tragic situations where after years of sponsorship men are left with no girlfriend and no money. These men haven’t done anything wrong they have just run out of money, the girlfriend has lost interest in them or somebody else has come along with that provides a better income stream for her.

For the Thai girlfriend it‘s nothing personal, it’s just business, in her mind she owes you nothing and has to look after herself and her family.

If you are sponsoring a girl in Thailand, especially if she is or has been working in the entertainment industry, keep your wits about you, don’t assume she is being faithful and telling you the truth. Always check her out, she could be making a fool of you and you could be throwing your money and emotions away for nothing.