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Sponsoring Thai Girlfriends

10th January, 2014

The Facts about sending money to Thailand to support your Thai Girlfriend.

A Thai girl sponsor (or supporter) is usually an older western gentleman (farang), who send money overseas or gifts in exchange for the company of a normally younger, Thai woman / girl. They have typically met when the sponsor has been on holiday to Thailand and they have kept in contact after he has returned to his home country.

Most relationships are a sexual but this isn’t always the case. As a general rule the typical Thai girl sponsor is male, with a good job or savings, that means he has the money to financial support her (wholly or in part), on a medium to long term basis in return for her companionship. On a practical level, sponsorship usually takes the form of a monthly cash allowance, sent by the sponsor from his home country to his Thai girlfriend, this is normally done by bank transfer , money gram, or Western Union.

When he visits his Thai girlfriend, if she is available, they will normally stay together for the extent of his holiday, where he will be expected to buy her gifts and pay for her food and meals. Although many sponsors believe that it does, sponsoring a Thai girl does not guarantee faithfulness to her sponsor or stop her cheating on him, neither does it mean she will always be available for her sponsor when he visits or telephones. It is very probable that the Thai girlfriend will have more than one sponsor sending her money, she will always gravitate towards, or prioritise, the sponsor that is the most generous and sends her the most money.

If you want to sponsor a girl who you have met in a go-go or girly bar you will be expected to pay about 30,000 per month for the privilege, and although she may promise otherwise, this sponsorship does not guarantee that she will stop working in the bar or go-go. Actually, there is a very strong likelihood that she’ll be even more motivated to carry on working at a bar in the hope that she’ll find more sponsors to send her money. The bar girls and dancers targeting foreign customers for sponsorship in Thailand are the most expensive, unfaithful and cheating girls you can sponsor in Thailand.

With two or three sponsors Thai girls receiving sponsorship can make as much as 100,000 baht per month (plus gifts and holidays). To put this amount into context the average Thai wage is 6,000-8,000 baht per month.

Most of the sponsors that send money to Thailand are from the UK, Europe, Scandinavia ,USA, Canada, Australia, Russia and Japan.