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Spy Apps and Cheater Tracking Software

16th May, 2017

Is Installing Spy Tracking Apps or Monitoring Devices in or on a Partner or Spouses Phone, Pad, Laptop or in their Car to Catch them Cheating Legal?

So, you think your partner might be having an affair. All the signs are there, suddenly working late at the office, overnight business trips and a new preoccupation about how they look and dress.

Today there are new technologies being marketed that claim can track, your suspected cheating partner, monitor device use, record their key strokes and check who they are in contact with on social media or by email.

Tracking Software

It sounds easy doesn’t it, cheap spyware software is readily available to buy in shops and on the internet to track and monitor a partner or spouse you suspect of cheating.

If you have access these applications can be easily loaded onto an unsuspecting partner’s devices  quickly and without fuss, all that remains to do is sit back and check what information the tracking software has recorded when your partner’s not around.

It sounds simple doesn’t it, but believe me speaking as a private investigator with years of experience catching cheaters it isn’t. Depending on where you live what you have just done is very probably illegal, so illegal that if what you did came to light and a court found you guilty you could be looking at jail time.

You may have seen computer and device tracking software often advertised as Spyware or Tracking Apps to monitor a partner but if you look closely before you buy you will always find the manufacturer has posted a legal disclaimer advising the buyer that they have no responsibility towards the user if they are caught breaking computer or privacy laws!

In short, because they know you will probably be breaking the law by using their product, they want to distance themselves and ensure you alone are held legally responsible.

Computer and privacy legislation varies from country to country and state to state and we are not lawyers so cannot give legal advice but in short (except for the possible exception of a parent monitoring a child for safety reasons) if you are accessing somebody else’s computer or device without their knowledge or consent you are probably committing a serious criminal offense.

You should also remember this could include accessing a person’s laptop’s, phone or pad and or tracking or monitoring them in any way without permission.

If you are thinking of installing tracking spyware or an app and accessing a partner or spouse’s computer or device to any degree we strongly advise you to consult a good lawyer before you do anything.

If you decide to investigate a suspected cheating partner without the help of a professional investigator or legal advice always think ahead, consider how any incriminating information you obtain can be used and what outcome you are looking for.

So where might you stand if you have illegally gained incriminating evidence of a spouse or partner cheating, having an affair or visiting dating sites and you want to get a divorce?

Well, because you may have broken the law it would be very unwise to disclose or reveal to anybody what you have done. That includes, except your lawyer, any third party, your partner, mutual friends and children.

Remember, if what you had done becomes common knowledge or is discovered and the police begin an investigation resulting in a conviction it could seriously impact on any divorce or custody hearings.

Installing spywear to track a cheater

You may also have the problem of removing spyware you installed from your partner’s computer or phone before it is discovered.

Are you still thinking of using a tracking device or other software app to monitor a partner or spouse you suspect of cheating!

Remember, even if a person is in the wrong, to invade their privacy is not only against the law but also immoral, to do so puts you at a legal and ethical disadvantage.

If you think your partner is cheating seek the advice of professionals, act with integrity, verify your suspicions legally, stay within the law and hold your head up high.

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