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Thai Girls prefer Older Men

27th December, 2013

A FidelityCheckOnline survey reveals Thai girls prefer the older man (45+)!

Our survey of our members has revealed that men aged 45+ are far more likely to be involved in long term, long distance relationships with Thai girls than younger men. Not only that, it is also revealed that Thai girls actually prefer dating older men.

From the Thai girls point of view, the 45+ age group is a very attractive option. Men of this age group are considered to be wealthier, maybe even kinder than the younger men.

That’s why you see so many older men arm in arm with younger women in the main tourist resorts like Phuket, Pattaya and Bangkok.

Older men are also perceived to be more considerate and protective since they have got over the testosterone driven vigorous sexual obsessions of their youth.

As long as their needs are being met they are also more likely to stay with the same girl for the length of his stay (better for the girl) and more likely to take them on trips and expensive meals.

In short, older men know better how to treat a girl and show her a good time!

But beware just because they prefer having a rich older ‘Farang’ as their boyfriend does not guarantee their faithfulness or loyalty. These girls (especially the bargirls) come from a different culture, don’t, whatever you do, think that because you are ‘taking good care’ of your girlfriend when you are with her, or sending her good money when you are apart, that they will not be unfaithful if a better offer comes along, because the likelihood is, they will be.

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